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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Daddy!

This past weekend we celebrated Mike's 30th Birthday. Mike is NOT a birthday guy and has never been big on gifts or going all out for celebrating "his birthday". I just couldn't let his 30th pass by with out doing something!
He is so selfless and so sacrificing for me and always tries to keep me happy-and when he gets home each day-I have little left in me to be the loving, appreciative, supportive, encouraging wife. I am always tired out and exhausted and never able to show how much I really love and appreciate him. I wanted to do something for his birthday BUT remember he doesn't like gifts).
So,I got a hold of our good SU friends here in Atlanta and (most of them are all softball team friends) and we had a surprise party for him and another friend, Paul who share the same birthday!
Paul's wife and I pulled it off at an Itailian restaurant and Mike and Paul were CLUELESS.

Mike does not get excited about to many things in life. But a few things do make him super excited; spare change to deposit in the bank, another bill that makes us one step closer to being debt free, or SU winning a game....but other then that he is not to expressive!

Aunt LaLa and Sam, posting with me-this is how Kaden spent most of the night!
He was so good for the party!
(Awesome cupcakes from Sweet Pockets Bakery)
I think he was excited somewhere deep down inside-(or maybe outwardly too!??!) What do you think?
He was SPEECHLESS and trying to take in the surprise for at least 1/2 the night!  I was thrilled to have a party for him and I think deep down he felt loved and appreciated by all who came out!
 Thank you to all our friends here in the area who came out to celebrate. It was a blast and we enjoyed the good time out.

Parker was the center of attention most of the night-but I made sure Daddy got his fair share!
 Here are some photos of the weekend. I had our small group from Church Celebrate on Sunday. We ate Mike's favorite cake, German Chocolate!

Mike,I feel so blessed to be your wife ~even though I don't express it enough to you! The boys have the best daddy in the world . Thank you for being SO uplifting, enthusiastic,energetic when I am completely done for the day. Above all thank you for being a godly, loving and hardworking example to us all!
Looking forward to another 30 years + Lord willing with you!

*(Baby Kaden was sound asleep so we will have to post a recent family photo soon)
Happy Birthday-
We all love you!
Jenn, Parker and Kaden