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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monday Meals-(Join me!)

“What should I make for dinner?”
“Mom, what are we having for dinner?”
 Does this sound familiar?
I find myself asking what I should make for dinner more then 1 or 2 times a week. I do not want to be so busy that I can not have time to cook and plan for the family. I have so many yummy meals that I make on a regular basis-but I am always looking for fast ones; i.e.:crock-pot meals, 5 ingredients or less, child loved (and nutritious), or just simple ones.
Many of you know that cooking is a passion of mine. I enjoy it in deed-but finding that "time" is much harder now that we have two kids . I really enjoy the breaks when we  do get to eat out! However, eating out on a regular basis adds up really fast and depletes our "eating out fund" FAST! We are a budgeting family. I plan my meals around the weekly  store sales. Occassionally,we can do better to eat out IF it is at Mike's favorite restaurant; Costco = $1.50 Hot Dog Combo Dinner! LOL-But for my kind of "eating out" and more healthy (ok maybe not so healthy but a break for me), it is usually Maggiano's or Cheesecake Factory!
So, we choose to save those restaurants for special occasions.
Therefore, I am choosing to cook a special meal each Monday for the family. God has been challenging me to find joy in the good and "challenging" days as a S.A.H.M. I always find joy at the end of a rough day if I have had a successful family meal! I don’t always feel happy about throwing something together in 3 minutes or tossing that Digorno Pizza in! BUT, some days it is for my sanity! God has allowed me to stay home and be a mom to my sweet boys. I care about what they are eating and I really want to make sure it is nutritious. I know that Monday is a good day for me to prepare a yummy meal. I have Sunday’s to prep if needed. We usually don’t have an event on Mondays and we always have fun as a family. Parker eats much better when we both sit and eat with him. So, we strive to do this 5-6 times a week. Sometimes, Mike’s work schedule doesn’t always allow but he works really hard to be here for it.
So, I am challenging you to take part in my journey with Monday Meals! Maybe you can not commit to cook a special meal for the family on Monday, but you can make a special meal another night. Maybe you actually do it  two or even three times each week. Choose one of those weekly meals to share about. I know that you may not get a chance to post something each week, but try it for a few weeks.  I have a sweet tooth so, do not hesitate to post about the dessert you may have had for "Monday Meals" in stead!  
 I am always looking for awesome recipes in this department too!
Here is all you have to do:
 1. Post about Monday Meals on your blog-sometime during that week.
  • Does not have to be on Monday-but you can call it Monday  Meals so that so we all know what you are referring to.
  • If you would link it back to my blog I would appreciate it! :) WINK!
  • I want to see those recipe
2. Share what you made?
  • please share the recipe or the website that you got it from.
  • photos are not necessary-but a perk
  • You may want to post a special reason why you made that meal? 
  • i.e.;family favorite, chicken was on sale, you wanted a $10.00 meal or less, you accidentally created the meal-because you were out of something the recipe called for!
3. What family discussions did you have during the meal?

4. Was it a success or flop?
  • (I have had a few of those moments and I am sure I will have MANY more.)
5. Sign up on this link Monday Meals with your blog to let me know that you are participating.
  • This may not go anywhere
  • I will give it 3 weeks

Tonight, I get to share the story with Parker about this special meal we are having;
HoBo Dinners
(Click on the “Hobo Dinners” to see the actual recipe). 

1. I chose this meal because I had it as a little girl.
2. I was always so excited to see if we got cheese on our burgers!
3. It was also a "cool" way for our food to be cooked;we didn't focus on the fact that we had "vegetables" on our plate!
4. (Having a nearly 3 year old-I have to find special ways to get veggies in his body!)
5. It is SUMMER tme and this can also go on the grill for 30 min.

During dinner Parker, was not so sure what to think at first. He got ALL excited about dinner being served this way!~ Then he wouldn't eat it. So, he and daddy played a game to see how much he could really eat. He ate it! I am sure that the cupcakes for dessert were a great motivator too! Mike, said he liked it and I would say overall it was a success! We had ketchup for Parker to dip his burger in. :)

I hope to hear of some more great meals from you!
 Remember,you do not have to do it every week and I am not expecting any gourmet meals!  I would just love to see us spending more time as families at OUR dinner tables and not always at a restaurant.

Jenn :)

Here are few photos of my preparations ~and it only took me 15 minutes. YEAH!
Homemade marinade:

  • 1 C Ketchup

  • 1/4 C Worcestire sauce,

  • 3 TBS Olive oil,

  • 2 TBS Brown Sugar

                                  (After cutting up veggies and preparing the meat,
                                  I pour the marinade on the top.
                                   (sit these in fridge for 3-4 hours)

Tah -Da! Dinner is ready!