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Saturday, April 21, 2007

22 weeks and only 3 days till Ultra Sound!!

I am now 22 weeks and looking (and feeling) pregnant!I can not complain...most days I feel great. My feet get tired easy-if I am standing all day. Now I am finding myself more frequently teaching from my stool or my "teacher chair!"
Tuesday, April 24th my mom's birthday (also) is the big ultra-sound! I am going to find out what it is....Mike is not going to find out! I will do my best to keep it a surprise for him. For the most part everyone will find out in August what Baby is! It is just driving me crazy...and for the sake of the couple showers before I leave will help them out! I will have to hide some stuff at my co-workers house to keep it a suprise from Mike. I am going to try really hard!
Today was a HOT and sunny day!Almost 80 degrees!
We had the Spring Fling at my school and I went to do my 2 hours of work! I worked the Ice-cream stand! I was also entered into the Homemade Ice-cream contest by none other then our PTF president! (Her son is in my class-so she goes out of her way all the time to make me feel appreciated!) She also knows that I have a hobby of cooking-and so she always does things like this (and enters me in the annual contests themes)...I told her I've never made ice-cream and I do not have an ice-cream maker! She went out of her way to get me one and then gave me and her family's recipe too! It was a hit! Homemade Banana Ice-cream-it is a favorite of our headmasters! I got 2nd place! I won a gift card to Target and a handpainted Ice-cream scoop! I will look forward to getting some more maternity clothes with that gift card!
Mike was impressed with the ice-cream maker! He is not a lover of sweets, but he does eat Ice-cream! So, this summer...we will have some Ice-cream parties with friends!
I will keep you all posted and hopefully have photos of baby soon!
Jenn, Mike & Baby