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Thursday, May 24, 2007

13 weeks till baby Riese is here !

Hard to believe that in about 3 months baby Riese will be here!
WOW...time has flown by!
And as the time has flown by my belly has expanded. I actually discovered 4 stretch marks this week on my belly and I knew they'd be coming sooner or later.
This weekend I have to get fitted for Mike's brother's wedding! Mike and I will both be standing up for Brian and Courtney's wedding, on October 27th. Hard to know exactly what size I will be in October. Praying I am doing as good as my dear sister who just had her first 7 weeks ago and is already down 24 pounds! GO JULIE! I am all for the "feeding naturally too!"
I have been told to just order 2 sizes up from my "before pregnancy" size. The date happens to be exactly 8 weeks after Baby Riese is (hopefully) born! (October 27th!)
I am praying HARD that Baby Riese chooses to come out early! It would make life a little easier on me to loose those pregnancy pounds in time for the wedding if Baby Riese does come early!
Baby Riese is currently still sitting very low and I hope baby just "pops" out at the end instead of moving up.
I must say it has been pretty uncomfortable at times and makes me have to "pee" ALOT~ some days more then others.
I had an appointment yesterday and all is going good! My next appointment will be the Gestational Diabetes test on June 13th. I have the lovely "orange sugary" drink in my fridge. I hear it is lovely!? I will keep you all posted. Looking forward to that visit (just kidding)!
We will be in town this weekend (for the so needed)long 3 day weekend!
Mike is away and comes home tomorrow. "I miss you babe and can't wait to see you" (neither can Abbey-since I am no longer able to get down on the floor and play with her!)
Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend to all of you!
Jenn, Mike & Baby Riese