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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 Weeks as Parents of 2 boys!

We have just crossed over Kaden's 2 week old birthday! Today is officially the day that we were "scheduled" to deliver Kaden! HAHA! Indeed we are thrilled to pieces that he came 2 weeks ago but it still is a shocker at times. I always thought for sure -I would be a mom who would always have my babies late and never before my due dates. God's plan for Kaden's arrival was a blessing financially and many more ways that have recently been revealed.

Yesterday-we took Kaden to see Dr. McGee for his 2 week weigh in and the boy is already 8lbs 4oz!....He is chunking out in his cheeks and it is so cute! We got the ticket to skip the 4 week check up. He is nursing well and we will not have to go in now till he is 8 weeks old for his first set of shots. I am so grateful for another happy, healthy baby boy who sleeps just as great as Parker! The past 2 weeks would not have been as smooth with out the help from Mike's parents and mine. I will admit is MUCH harder coming home with a 2nd child then it was the 1st! I think it is harder because it mentally wears on you as you are loving and caring for the baby-you are worried and feeling bad about the time you have not given to your first born. But,that is why I am SO grateful for Mike and the family stepping in to give all the TLC to Parker the last 2 weeks. Originally, my parents would be here during the hospital stay and then helping me with my first 2 weeks of recovery! Well, I am officially at 2 weeks of recovering and doing great! We went to see my OB and she said my incision is healing beautifully. (We forgot to get a photo of my OB with Kaden so we got one on Monday of them together!) I have the permission to drive now-but no lifting more then 10 lbs till Feb. 8th! So,I can go out on my own-but not with the boys yet! Kaden's car seat carrier has got to be close to 14 lbs alone! I am trying to be really good and not over do it! It is hard not to lift up my sweet Parker-but we sure do have tons of cuddle time and reading lots of books!
Parker has been very accepting of Kaden and as I shared earlier the first few days home were a memory we will never forget.
Parker has been battling constipation the last few months (hope this isn't TMI but it is a story I must post).So, we have been trying really hard to keep him regular and fill him up with good, healthy foods. The week I had Kaden was a tough one for him. I never even remembered to mention to my in-laws when he had his last "dirty" diaper. So, the poor boy went 5 days with out a B.M! So, our first day home (and it was NEW YEARS DAY) was spent cuddling Kaden and battling a 2 year old who could not poop! Poor Parker walked around the house ALL day saying "Poopy-Poopy" but refused to go. Mike was about at his wits end and ready to resign from Parker duty-since I was in charge of Kaden! My in-laws were helping out with each boy and very and I were in charge of the baby and we left Mike and his dad to deal with the constipated 2 year old! We ended up having to give Parker a suppository and tried 3 baths that day -and of course there is much more I could say but I won't. Nothing worked come dinner time and we were all feeling horrible for Parker. We all ate anything full of fiber and tried to convince Parker that it was the best snack ever. Finally that night by 9PM the boy had relief...daddy was in shock at what he saw in the diaper and the room smelled like a "sewer plant!" Mommy cried because I felt horrible for him suffering so long. We may now have 2 boys-but we will never battle that again (we hope)! Parker is now a faithful "Activia Yogurt eater" and loves popcorn every night too. We are happy to report that he is back to a nice fully regulated body and we bribe him with his fruits and veggies! He is doing really well! I guess it is one of those moments that I can not beat myself up for. It was indeed a crazy week and yet-we are thrilled to have the birth all behind us (especially Constipation boy) and so grateful for God's timing in the whole plan.

Mom and Dad Riese stayed that whole week and we loved every minute that we had with them. My parents arrived this past weekend and are staying till the 24th.

We are actively doing projects and the biggest -Kaden's nursery under construction! Very excited to post the before and after pictures. I am so excited that my friends have changed plans for Kaden's baby shower (from Feb 13th) and have moved it to the 22nd of Jan so my mom can attend! I had 7 showers with Parker and mom never made it to any. So, this shower will be sweet and special in deed. Of course the whole shower is "Sweet Pea" themed and we are actually doing a few little "Sweet Pea" things in the nursery too.We will post photos soon of the finished nursery!