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Monday, May 19, 2008

Look Who's 9 Months

YUP-just 3 more months and the big 1 year celebration will be here!

We took this photo on Mother's Day (just before we went out to dinner!) It was to funny not to post! Do you think he looks like he has his mind all made up?
He is not interrested at ALL in crawling. His cousin (Jack) decided not to crawl either around this age (until after he began to walk!) Parker does loves to stand and I imagine he WILL be into walking really soon!
I posted a recent video of him "dancing" to his keyboard! HE LOVES music and sings "AHHH" to any musical sounds he hears!

He came down last week with "Hand,Foot and mouth" virus. He got it from the church nursery,and he was pretty miserable Monday & Tuesday. He had a really sore throat and a HIGH fever of 103 on Monday. So we took him in and found out that's what it was!
This week he is back to normal and doing great!
Can't believe 9 months is here! We have had a blast with you Parker!

We love you!

Mommy & Daddy