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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"The gift of time" Our Pre-school Graduate

We blinked and now the preschool days have past! Parker Officially completed 4 year old pre-school, on May 18th! He had a wonderful year and we absolutely LOVED his teacher. Miss Sandy, was a perfect match for Parker and we saw HUGE growth throughout the year.
Hats off to a fabulous year for Parker, his teachers and Burnt Hickory!
So now the question we have been asked by MANY? What is Parker doing next year?
Parker qualifies for Kindergarten by just 10 days. However, this mommy's heart says- WHY rush?! He is a boy! When I was teaching, I had too many boys that had the summer birthdays and could have used another year for maturity. They are only little once, and time can help gain maturity, and I believe leadership.We have decided to WAIT one more year and we are buying Parker "the gift of time" and have entered him into the Half Day Kindergarten Program at  Burnt Hickory.The following year he will be able to do a full day Kindergarten Program wherever the Lord leads us to send him!
Academically,he IS ready for Kindergarten.Parker LOVES to sit and color, he knows all his letters, and numbers, and he will even sit for up to as long as 20 minutes doing drills of flash cards with his NeNe on SKYPE! (Most boys don't have that good of an attention span). He has it all. But I just feel like we need 1 more year.We see a competitive little boy,with lots of "Type A" traits and very determined to learn.
His heart is so passionate about God,  all God is and has done,and he is a charmer and loves to please others. It will be so special for him to have one more year of B.H. and get a great exposure to phonics,with some Biblical integration through out the curriculum! I/we are feeling very confident for buying him the "gift of time" and not rush him through school.
So proud of the Boy he is becoming and can't wait to see what God calls him to do one day! As they sang at his end of the year program "I AM A PROMISE" and Parker you are indeed a Promise and and a Possibiliy that you can be anything God wants you to be!

Congratulations Parker, on another great year.
We love you and are SO proud of you!

Here he is on the first day @B.H.

And here he is on the last!:(
 Proud mommy and can't believe he is almost 5!
Jenn :)