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Friday, May 09, 2008

If Babies could talk...

it would make life so much easier!
At the beginning of the week, he was waking up a couple of times! (And that is not the Parker we know~ He is a deep sleeper!)
I should have known...he was cutting his top 2 teeth!
In March his bottom 2 teeth came in ! So, now he has 4 teeth total. They like to come in 2's too! Now we know when he is up-he really has an issue! I happily gave him some motrin the last couple nights and he slept great!
Here is a photo of the cute little teeth! Not the best looking photo -but it shows the teeth!

Happy Mother's Day to all our friends and family out there!

I am looking forward to celebrating my First Mother's Day with Mike and Parker. They were gone for 4 hours today-(I was able to enjoy time at the Y and got a pedicure! That was a great gift there!) I can't wait to see what has been planned for the day! Mike knows I love my gifts and he really had fun with Parker ("shopping" today!) The best gift is the joy of being Parker's mom! The days are flying by-yet I still stop at times,and I am in "awe" that God has blessed me and chosen me to be Parker's Mom!

We truly rejoice for the gift of being his Mom and Dad!

A special "Happy Mother's Day" to my Mom and Mother-in-law! You two are a real blessing and encouragement to me!


Jenn, Mike and Parker

(Mother's Day Boquet from Mike-He picked them because of the purple and hydrangea!!!) 2 of my favorites! YEAH -Mike!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy May

Last weekend was a long one for all 3 of us. Parker woke up at 4 AM Saturday, and was wheezing and crying (out of control). It was not his norm! So, we both got up (Mike slept in the recliner with Parker ) while I called "Aunt Joy!" I figured she'd be available ( since she is a nurse who works night shifts). She chatted with me and said it sounded like Parker had croupe! We waited till 9AM (he only had a low fever and was not in distress) and went to the walk-in. Aunt Joy and Grammy Clark were both right! He had croupe. The Dr. we saw, gave him an oral steroid to help clear the throat passage! We did the humidifier treatments too! He is doing much better-now if we could just clear up the running nose!?

Here are some long overdo photos of our time with Mike Parents!

In the meantime, I have been staying busy going to the YMCA, Parker and I have been attending Mike's (many) Softball games, and enjoying the warm spring weather.
(I came home last weekend from the Y and found this)
The two loves of my life-sound asleep.

Parker's favorites (thus far):

Food-Pasta (or Gerber Chicken Noodle) & Yogurt

Snack-Cheerios and Gerber Veggie Bites


Book-Fuzzy Yellow Duckling (He loves books that have things to touch)

Toy-anything that he can get his mouth on-but lately it has been "daddy's Blackberry!"

Here is a photo from today~When Mike saw what Parker was dressed in-he had to wear the same thing.

So, needless to say-"Like Father, Like son!"

Happy May to all of you,

Jenn, Mike & Parker