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Friday, May 09, 2008

If Babies could talk...

it would make life so much easier!
At the beginning of the week, he was waking up a couple of times! (And that is not the Parker we know~ He is a deep sleeper!)
I should have known...he was cutting his top 2 teeth!
In March his bottom 2 teeth came in ! So, now he has 4 teeth total. They like to come in 2's too! Now we know when he is up-he really has an issue! I happily gave him some motrin the last couple nights and he slept great!
Here is a photo of the cute little teeth! Not the best looking photo -but it shows the teeth!

Happy Mother's Day to all our friends and family out there!

I am looking forward to celebrating my First Mother's Day with Mike and Parker. They were gone for 4 hours today-(I was able to enjoy time at the Y and got a pedicure! That was a great gift there!) I can't wait to see what has been planned for the day! Mike knows I love my gifts and he really had fun with Parker ("shopping" today!) The best gift is the joy of being Parker's mom! The days are flying by-yet I still stop at times,and I am in "awe" that God has blessed me and chosen me to be Parker's Mom!

We truly rejoice for the gift of being his Mom and Dad!

A special "Happy Mother's Day" to my Mom and Mother-in-law! You two are a real blessing and encouragement to me!


Jenn, Mike and Parker

(Mother's Day Boquet from Mike-He picked them because of the purple and hydrangea!!!) 2 of my favorites! YEAH -Mike!

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Chaz & Kari Dull said...

i can agree with the ´if only babies could talk¨ issue!! Wow. He is getting big with four teeth!!!