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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Very Healthy Baby Riese

Tuesday was the big day! Mike and I got to see Baby Riese(BR)!
It was an amazing morning! Words can not express the emotion and thrill of seeing our baby in the womb! God is amazing-at the miracle of life! How can one not believe in the God of the universe and the creator of Life?? I am truly grateful for this little blessing. I really wanted to reach out and hold BR,especially when it opened its mouth and looked like it was talking to us! Precious!
When we first began,BR. was sleeping on it's belly with it's head turned side ways- so we saw the spine and back first!( I said..."hey that is how I sleep!!") So it must take after mommy! Gina(the Ultra-sound tech) had to wake up BR. and soon it started to move around. (It didn't like being tapped around at first with the Ultra-sound monitor!) I felt the kicking too! BR is very LONG! The actual term was "above average" In the life of a teacher;so nice to hear that your child is considered "above average!"
The Ultra-sound actually read that BR is 1 week older then the original due date, because it has really long legs. (Long legs run on both sides of our family!) I am still on schedule for the end of Aug. Maybe Baby will come before the 20th!!! But then hearing about baby Riese being so long-makes me wonder and think that I may be in for a big baby at the end! Mom R. said that Michael was 22 inches long when he was born. Some of you may not know this know about wonderful husband-(who is actually small framed with a big heart) but, he was 10lbs & 14 oz. at birth! Yes, a prayer for a nice sized (7 or 8 pound baby would be great)...not really praying for a 10 lb baby! My OB said parents' birth weight does not always have to do with the weight of your future children! (Fingers crossed!)If I do have a big baby and have to go early, I am all for that-that would be awesome!
I got complimented on the amniotic sac having plenty of fluids. She said "I can tell you are drinking plenty of water!" I really have done pretty well with the fluids and only gained 16 pounds total since the beginning!
We got 10 photos (actually 11...but that one is just for me!) Mike walked out of the room-when the sex was to be revealed! I am thrilled...and you all know we do not care if the baby is a boy or a girl!
Enjoy the photos of Baby Riese!
Thanks for all the prayers thus far!We covet them the next 17 weeks! (Only 4 more months to go!)
The week has been more noticeable in the world of (pregnancy)!
I have really felt it in the "ribs!" They are sore from all the stretching-but no complaints.
I just rest much more now when I get home from work!
Speaking of which...only 26 more days of 3rd grade! I am not sure what to think? I will miss it, but will really treasure being home with Baby Riese!
Blessings to all,
Jenn Mike and above average-Baby Riese