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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Love my Pedi-Ped's "Aunt Juey"

My sister Julie passed down Jack's, Pedi-Peds (shoes) to Parker. I fell in love with them instantly and have wanted another pair for awhile! They are not cheap, but a great shoe. (Here is Parker wearing the red ones from Jack).

Parents magazine had a coupon for free shipping on Pedi-Peds,so I opted to make this "must-have" investment in these shoes. I really have NOT bought many things for Parker at all! He got so much stuff from all his showers, and dear cousins! (Josh, Sam & Jack!) So, I splurged and made this nice little investment!
I LOVE THEM! They are real leather and comfy to be like a slipper too. My main reason is-he needed a great pair of dress-up shoes for Sunday. I also think he will get to wear them for Uncle Phil's wedding! I got the 6-12 month size...and they are great. I am in love with their boy shoes...but oh my goodness, the girl ones are adorable! (Maybe someday!)
We also love Robeez but Pedi-Peds are our favorite!
If you want the code for free shipping-just email me!
Here is Parker trying out his new shoes!
The hat is compliments of " Aunt Juey" too!

THANKS-for introducing me to Pedi-Ped's, Aunt Juey!
(I got a pair for Jack too, for his first birthday!)

Parker (& Mommy)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to the world of Soccer

Mike is a soccer player (big time) and always has loved playing it! He played on a league 2 years ago on Sundays & he's gotten back into it! It is a great workout for him since the work week consumes so much time! So off we go on Sunday afternoons to watch him play! Next thing it will be time for Softball!
Here is my soccer player....before to long we will have Parker out there too!

Here is Parker and Kayleigh bonding the other day while they were waiting for me to feed them!!