How Many Have Visited....

Sunday, May 06, 2012

April Adventures

April was packed w adventures! The highlight of our month was  a visit from NeNe &Cowboy(Papa),around Easter time.
Parker is attached to them the minute he gets to be with them.
Kaden took about 3days to warm up to them(typical 2nd born/mama's boy).(sigh).

The boys started swimming lessons while NeNe & Papa were here. They LOVED them. Kaden did a Mommy& Me class with me. I completely forgot that he needed "ear plugs" for his ears since post tube surgery in Feb. FYI;(He is DOING FABULOUS since his tubes!) It was the best thing we did for him. He is a completely different child, back to sleeping peacefully, takes 2-4 hour naps daily and we have not been to the Pediatrician  since March! I am SO grateful for his healing and comfort that has occurred! (So here is a photo of Kaden with NeNe and his bright neon orange ear plugs.) He is really great about letting me put them in too, and doesn't try to pry them out!
During our visit with NeNe&Papa we celebrated Easter Sunday,dinner @The Old Mill with them & our good friends (like family), The Hoeyes.Dinner buffet was great and we ended the day visiting with some good friends and celebrating their daughter's 2nd birthday!

The week was BUSY for Mike at work. A few late nights of work for Mike (past10pm)!It helped lighten my load just having Mom & Dad R. here! Parker got a new bike over Spring break and enjoyed a few strolls with NeNe.He is still gaining confidence riding it.

Kaden has continued to be a delightful 2year old,filling the daily roll of taking my hair brush or running with my phone or better yet,feeding himself on HIS schedule,his way!(10 AM cheerios all over the kitchen floor) or a fruit popsicle!I think it is time for locks on the fridge and pantry!!!
The "Aglow" book launching party was alot of fun.We had Flat Stanley visiting from OH,so we took him w us!

Parker got to meet some of the other red -headed kids in the book.
We are so excited he got to be a part of this special project and definitely proud of him and the special boy he is becoming!
Aglow Book is now being sold on Barnes & Noble and
 We are of course smitten to one sweet little red-head in the book and we have a copy in our home to share with you all.