How Many Have Visited....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Uncle Brian & Aunt Courtney...

Came to visit last weekend from D.C!

This photo (top right) has a funny story...(both of their sunglasses broke while they were vacationing on the beach in FL. How ironic is it that it was the opposite eye on their shades!?)

(Dinner out to Los Reyos-Mike's favortie Mexican restaurant)

We had a great time; eating out, relaxing, playing in the pool, laughing at Parker, and going on a double date with them. The date ended up being a memorable night since we had a major power outage in much of Kennesaw, and hail during our dinner! We still enjoyed the night (despite the yucky weather)-We called the sitter to see if we needed to come home after dinner, but she was fine! So we ended up going bowling (which was plan "B"-Put-Putt was not an option any more!)

Parker's favorite part of the whole weekend, was getting his birthday gift from them! An SU zip up hooded sweatshirt, and his very own SU (soft Basketball) (Now he is the "SU Man!" )

He also LOVED uncle Brian making "smacking noises" with his lips (which is Parker's newest discovery that he can do) Enjoy the video of this funny moment.

Brian & Courtney-We are so glad the two of you came to spend the weekend with us. We had a blast and enjoyed the company. We look forward to spending time at Thanksgiving with you 2 again!

Blessings to all of you,

Jenn, Mike & Parker

Friday, August 08, 2008

"Climb, Climb as fast as I can!"

We are down to the last week, before the big birthday celebration for Parker(8/20)! In the meantime, the house is being "baby -proofed" more and more!
School started today here in GA and so we are sad to say that our summer is pretty much over. Last Monday, I started watching Kayleigh again! It is a joy to have a little one that is the same age as Parker, and well-behaved. She is a doll, and fun to dress up!
Last weekend we installed a "top of the stair" gate! It was the best thing! We lock the gate,shut all the rooms and just let Parker go up and down the hallway, crawling. If he is not being entertained by Abbey's cage, then he is trying to climb the stairs(when we let him!)

Last Thursday, I gave him an opportunity to explore the steps and he took full advantage! He climbed his way up to the top! The stairs is off limits (it is gated, and he is always so curious about it). He has great balance and has not fallen-yet. So today I captured his proud moment and his first time to climb the whole flight of stairs!
A special note of being a "Stay at home Mom"-" I try not to tell Mike to many "new" things that Parker is doing! I don't want Mike to be sad that he is missing the moments. So, I try to let Mike have his "firsts" to watch Parker doing his "first" time (so he thinks)!

(I appreciate the privledge to stay home, but I want Mike to see all of Parker's firsts in his times too!)
Friday night-( I had a 6:00 hair apt and Mike met me to get Parker) Mike took Parker home and played for a bit before his bedtime. I got a text from Mike while I was at the salon and it made me LAUGH! "Parker just climbed the whole flight of stairs in less then 1 min! He is crazy!"
I was so glad Mike got to experience "first-hand" and didn't hear about the moment from me!
Enjoy the video...
We just got Parker's 1 year photos done on Saturday-so I will post some of our favorites shortly.

Have a great week!
Jenn, Mike & Parker