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Friday, February 27, 2009

Kitchen Update and more....

As mentioned 1 month ago, here are the photos of the curtains for my kitchen.
We are very pleased with how they turned out ~and I can't thank my friend, Heather enough for her hard work. Now for those kitchen cabinets, counter tops and floor! (All down the road....but always a project I have my eye on!)

Parker is finally back to his normal self . Of course, Sunday is a new month and we are glad to have February behind us! Amazing what an antibiotics will do for an ear infection and some Motrin!

Today, I took Parker up to North Cobb Christian (my old school I worked at) for a visit. The 4th graders were doing "The Wax Museum" (They read a book of a famous person from history or currently living) All the 4th graders prepare for quite a while and make a speech from their book reports about it! On top of that they have "costumes" and props for their big day! Today they were all in the Gymnasium and look like statues. They are still until their (button) nothing more then a piece of paper on the floor in front of them is pushed for them to "come alive" ! Parker LOVED all the characters who were famous "sports" celebrities ( Basketball players, Golf ball players etc...) those were all the ones we listened to, since they all had a "BALL" for a prop! LOL

Tomorrow, I get to go and spend the day with my good friend, Lorelei at a Cooking show! For Christmas she got her and me tickets to go see Johnny Gabriel in person . (Johnny (a lady) is the cousin to, Paula Deen, and she opened up a little bakery in Marietta, GA, called Gabriel's! Johnny is famous for her homemade cakes! I am really excited to go and you all know I LOVE to cook! The show is called "How to Throw a Simple Southern Dinner Party!" I am excited to learn some new secrets (now that I am a "Southern-Belle!") I am not sure-but I think Paula Deen may be there. I am not a huge fan of Paula Deen (but hey it might just be my claim to fame)!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....Yeah to March's arrival on Sunday!
Jenn :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A rough month!

That is an understatement....since getting off that cruise we have had a "rough" 4 weeks!
I lost my sanity yesterday....I cried for 1 hour. Parker who has slept everyday (since birth)-and not missed a nap ,absolutely refused to nap yesterday! He cried for 2 hours straight and I could NOT get a hold of Mike. Come to the end of that situation.....Mike arrived home late due to a presentation he was preparing for a meeting he had today. His cell phone did not work at ALL yesterday. (I was on the phone with Sprint at 11PM ,last night demanding that they fix the problem, since I had made 7 phone calls to my husband and he never got a ring! URRRR-so that is how part of my day went)
After soothing Parker and giving him some Motrin @ 10- we managed to get 4 and 1/2 hours of sleep . Then the screaming began again at 5 AM!
I was beside myself this AM-but we managed. My sanity for the day was his 18month check up at 4 PM....and I could not wait to find out what was making him go "crazy-and be uncontrollable!"
I was ready to start selling him when he was uncontrollable and screaming a fit when we were in the waiting room. The poor nurse had to write down a novel of the past months episodes! She laughed and said I could vent all I wanted-she had a 2 year old so she understood COMPLETELY!
When Dr. McGee came in he was all of a sudden "HAPPY!" I said "you can have him".....but then he started pitching a fit and screaming again. To sum it all up she said "He is mad at the world Mom, he can't sleep cause of the bad cough and cold, he hates the breathing treatments and runs when the "Nebi Dr" (the nebulizer) comes out, he is cutting 2 new teeth and ................the big whammy and reason for ALL the commotion the last 24 hours - His first Ear infection!"
No wonder the kid is upset and unsure of what he wants! (Hence the screaming 2 times at night-)
Boy, was I shocked but relieved to hear that! I knew I was not crazy and was hoping for a good explanation for the uncontrollable behavior. So, the poor kid is on his 3rd round of antibiotics and fingers crossed we don't go back in a week for another!
He didn't get his 18 month shot, but we will get caught up in 6 months. No need to torture him today! I LOVE Dr. McGee and appreciate her attentiveness to him today. What a day!

Here is a photo of his "Progress Report"

24.4 pounds and 34 inches!(He is 40th percentile for weight and 85th percentile for height) He sure feels heavy to only be 24.4 pounds but she said he is solid and very healthy. By Sunday, we should be able to stop the breathing treatments. It sure will be nice to see March arrive.

I am starting to get an awful cold (yes, Parker passed it on to me) and I can't be sick this weekend. I am going to a food show with my friend Lorelei, and we get to meet Paula Deen's, Cousin, Johnny Gabriel (famous for Gabriel's Bakery in Marietta,GA ). Paula Deen may just be there. No matter what I am excited to attend!

"This to shall pass"

Jenn :)