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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

BUNKO "Queen!"

Great story to share~
Tuesday night I had the best night playing with 11 of my neighborhood girl-friends(whom I am still getting accquainted with!)
In the south it is a tradition for many of the neighborhoods to have a Bunko Club! There are 12 members for 1 year and you meet 1 time each month at the neighborhood clubhouse or (in our case) at one of the member's homes. (Each lady hosts bunko 1 time a year!)
Top ten reasons to play BUNKO
  1. Fellowship-someone is cooking you dinner
  2. Play the BUNKO GAME -aiming to WIN
  3. Laugh often,eat great foods, see each other's home
  4. Get prizes for winning the most rounds
  5. Get a prize for losing the most rounds
  6. Get a prize if your name is drawn out of the Door prize bowl
  7. Get a prize for having the most Bunkos
  8. It only costs $5.00 (and you could walk away with 50-$100.00 in gifts)
  9. get to know more about each other's family
  10. Have some company while DH is away -or great excuse to get out of the house (after a long stressful day!)
I was asked to become a sub member in Aug. and I willingly said "yes" since BUNKO is on Tuesday's nights and my lovely Mike-is away most Tuesdays.
I went last night and had the time of my life-no clue that I would walk away with 2 gifts and be so tired...but relaxed when I got home!
Here is the object of the game-(not sure this makes sense)....
  • In the game of Bunko you have 3 sets of dice(3 in each set) you split up into groups of 4....go to 3 different rooms and play the game (at the same time).
  • When the head table rings the bell-the game begins.
  • The Goal of the game is to aim for the digit on your paper (to roll that) on the dice. We have 6 digits on the dice-so you begin with 1 -
  • Each play takes a turn rolling the dice...any time that I roll that dice on Round 1 -and it has a 1 dot on it-you get a tally continue this each time...till you can not roll that number.
  • You also gain the points of your partner!
  • If at any time on your roll that you accomplish to roll 3 of that is called a BUNKO and you automatically win that round with your partner (no matter wich team -at the table was ahead!)
  • Once you hear BUNKO- or JUST the Head table (who rings the bell) gets to 21 then the round ends
  • Then you move on to the next room and begin playing the next row...which would be 2's!
All of that to say.... I am known for 1 month know as the BUNKO queen -until Jan. 9th- because I successfully had 3 BUNKOS last night!(It is totally on a luck of the throw of dice!) I was thrilled and more shocked at how many Bunkos I had. Then to make matters funnier I also gained the door prize of the night-they drew my name and I got a beautiful serving casserole platter and Iron rod stand for it. My Bunko prize was a crystal dish!
I can not wait till I host it...and have no clue what my theme or meal will be! Good thing is-I can sit and ponder it for 4 months!( I do not host BUNKO until April 9th!)
In the meantime I have many more things that will preoccupy my mind: Work-Christmas presents-Christmas cards, Mike( and I am excited to see him...he is on his way home)!
I am so glad I could bore you with my life of BUNKO World!
Until next time-
Blessing to you all,
Jennifer (aka: "BUNKO QUEEN!")