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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

(I tag all my blogging buddies to do this too!)

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Moments

(Mother's Day-2009)
I still am amazed at this huge blessing, yet vast responsibility to be a MOM! I was just reading today, that a Stay at Home Mom, would make a salary of over $130,000 a year for ALL that we do! WOW!!! I am sure it goes up for the more children you have! However, I must say that it is rewarding enough to not get paid and just see the daily firsts like: exploring caterpillars, bugs, dirt and this great thing called a stick, walking backwards for the first time,recognizing characters on t.v., drinking out of a cup, throwing/ fetching a ball, speaking new words, reaching up for a hug, smiling at something funny...the list goes on! These moments have been priceless and the joy he brings to me each day is so rewarding and worth not getting a paycheck. Mike and Parker found many ways to make me feel important yesterday, and here are some memorable moments that we shared:

Moment 1:
8:15 AM (I get awakened by Mike )
M: Jenn, I think it is suppose to rain by 10 AM. I really want to make you breakfast in bed, but I want to get the lawn mowed first!
J: OK! How about we get Dunkin Donuts today!!!
(We used to get it often on Sundays and I LOVE their vanilla chai tea)
M: OK! That works for me! Are you sure you don't want me to make you breakfast?
J: Nope-donuts is what I would LOVE today, but more so,the vanilla chai!
(To make this funnier, Mike got the yard mowed in 1 hour and it did not rain till 4!)
So we managed to leave the house by 9;45-got our donuts and my chai tea by 10:00 and we were 15 minutes early to church!!! WOW! We need to do that more often!

Moment 2:
When I picked up Parker from his Sunday School Class, I was greeted with his usual grin and a special gift! This is the first project he has ever made me and it truly melted my heart!

Moment 3:

We made a special trip to Costco for steaks ,but somehow I was in favor of this instead! Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs (and they were sampling them and we LOVED them!) The great thing that made this moment so memorable-was we fed P samples of peaches, meatballs and yogurt~ (YUP-that was a meal indeed for him-and we got home just in time for a nap. HAHA~ So, Mike and I had a nice quiet afternoon and a great meal! It was a delicious meal cooked all by Mike. (OK, I assisted a little~I told him mashed potatoes would be great with it-so I showed him how to make them)

Moment 4 & 5

Sweet flowers from the sweetest guys in my life And ....of course the gift...and it is a REAL Coach BAG!

He gave in and finally invested in the purse/bag that he said he would never get. (And he had a little help from my great friend, Lorelei, who happily picked it up at the Outlets...but it is the gift thought that counts right? Not how he got it??! HAHA!)
He always knows how to make me feel special on Mother's Day!
I am so thankful for my teammate MIKE, and my biggest supporters/cheerleaders, my Mom and Mother-in-law ! Your love and encouragement thus far has gotten me to this point and I am forever grateful for you both! Thank you for making this journey easier with all your support! I have so many other friends too, who have helped this journey be so refreshing at times too! (Thanks for all the breaks so many of you give at the just the right times-(Lorelei and Sam especially!)

Thank you, Mike and Parker, for making the day so special!
I love you both! :)