How Many Have Visited....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Brotherly Fun...Video time!

YEAH! Parker somehow found my camera in the bottom of the toy box!
Now, I wonder HOW it got in there????

Oh, I have never been so happy to see it! And we had a good talk with Parker that it is NOT a toy.

                                         Here is a background on the video of Parker and Kaden...
 Parker has discovered that he can "drag" Kaden around to get him where he wants him to be.
LOL ~but of course Parker does not get to do this very often! Kaden is safe because Mommy is always around when P is moving Kaden. I can't leave them out of my sight yet..
 It will just make you laugh when you see Kaden giggling and Parker just doing his thing as a Big brother.
And this is just the beginning of life with boys......

(Happy Kaden!-and 2 teeth on the bottom)

                        Here is the video of Kaden giggling while Parker is leaping & jumping and dragging him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joyful days in July...

I am happy to report that we are doing well and have had a good week.
Now that we have that rough week behind us, I need to post some of the joyful moments we have had!
Here are some sweet photos of our visit to the Atlanta zoo with NeNe (Papa stayed back home),Aunt Sam,Marlee and Brady. It was actually Parker's 3rd visit to the zoo. But it was the first time he left talking about it and asking to go back! On the way to the zoo, Parker said he wanted to see the Cows (LOL);so we had to have a discussion that we will only see the cows if we go visit NeNe and Papa! We would have to look for Monkey's, Elephants, Pandas and more. Kaden and Brady enjoyed most of it sleeping away in their strollers. It was a great visit-HOT-but memorable indeed.

(A precious moment I captured of sweet friends)

The following weekend was the 4th of July and we enjoyed it to the fullest with Uncle Rick and Aunt LaLa. We made homemade calzones and then went to DQ for ice-cream. It was the perfect spot to end the night watching the local fireworks! Kaden was out about 10 minutes before they started! But he was a great trooper for celebrating his first 4th of July.

(Aunt LaLa, Baby Kai (in belly) & UncleRick)

4th of July, we had a BBQ with some of our Syracuse friends! It was a great time swimming and catching up. Parker and Kaden were both great sports since we were away for most of the day. Parker and Kaden had a fun time meeting Hunter. Hunter was born 2 months before Kaden and you can see there is NOT a big differnce in their size LOL.

Parker and Kaden have been interacting a ton by making "spitting" noises at each other. Not mommies first pick~ but it is SO funny to hear Kaden LAUGH uncontrollably at Parker! The moment Parker gets up in Kaden's face he starts laughing. I captured it on video and I am in the midst of trying to find my camera {sigh} I can't find it-please pray I do find it so I can upload the latest. Until I find it, I am soaking up the sweet memories and brotherly love as Parker and Kaden interact! It melts my heart, when Parker just walks up to Kaden and kisses him!  It is SO precious to see them becoming playmates!  Just another one of the joys I find in being a stay at home mom...simple yet so joyful.

Preppy little boy Kaden (almost 7 months)~starting to wear some of big brother's clothes.
I LOVED this outfit on Parker

(Parker-7 months old wearing the plaid pants)
Next week we will fit in a few more play days with some friends and then it is back to reality around here. However...we have very special friends moving here the beginning of Aug! My best friend Joy, and her family will be moving here the second week of Aug. I am like a "little child waiting for Christmas morning!" So exciting that it is actually happening and I am SO excited to say that it is another one of my "dreams" coming true! We will be hosting them for 1 week before they completely move into their apt. It is such a joy to know that however long God allows them to stay (and we hope for a LONG time); our little boys will finally be able to play together often! Joy and I can finally go out again for donuts and coffee, go for walks, shop together and most of all just be together again. To all my local friends-Don' worry! She is not taking up space from the friendship I share with you; she will be adding a ton of JOY to each of your lives! We are so excited for the Ashworth family to move here! Counting down till the 13th of Aug....Now before then we have SO much to do!
Only 10 more days of July left and we are really trying to soak up the time together as a family.
School starts for Parker on Aug. 17th. We will have him in 3 year old pre-school at BHBC and we are looking forward to another great year. He will be going 3days a week this year! We have alot to do to prepare for that big week!
Praying you are having a good week too and finding JOY in the simple things.
Jenn :)