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Monday, January 07, 2008

4 month checkup

Parker went to Dr. Mc Gee on Friday for his 4 month check-up! He is always SO happy when we go and ( clinging to me when we leave)due to his shots!
He is 15.4 lbs (50 percentile)and he is 25 & 1/2 in. long (75 percentile)! So he is doing great and Dr. Mc.Gee is thrilled with his growth! He is on food and LOVES to eat it! We have introduced cereal, pears, green beans, plums and this week,peaches and carrots! He was so funny on Saturday, he saw me eating some apple slices so I gave him a lick of it! He was so mad when I took the apple-slice away! Mike ended up letting him lick it, while I went and got some baby food for him! I think we have a baby BOY who will LOVE all kinds of food! "If it has flavor he happily accepts!"
On a more serious note-we have to go get some physical therapy for his head! Dr. Mc.Gee wants to make sure he is prevented from having a helmet in 6 more months! He has a flat head in the back-(basically as a result of a very deep sleeper...who sleeps around 14 hours a day; night and then another 3 hours of napping!) So we will begin it soon and hope that more tummy time and therapy will prevent the helmet!!!
Today we were back to Kailee's! We go watch her at her house on Monday's, and Tuesday's she comes here!It is a great way to have a variety of toys for them...and it gets me going for the week. Here is a photo of her napping when she was here last! She is a great baby-like Parker! They love being together!

We are in the midst of getting back to the normal routine and Mike is back to work! We will keep you posted on life here in GA!
Until then-we hope the New Year has been off to a great start for you all!
Jenn, Mike & Parker