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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Day of school- "When he was 3"

He went 3 days a week and was taught by two very special teachers, Ms. Clare and Ms. Kelley. We are so grateful for the Lord hand selecting each of them for him. He LOVED walking into the classroom and saying "I'm Back!" He had a way of "lighting" up the room the moment he walked in.
What a comfort it was to have him love his class and LOVED his teachers! He loved learning new things each month and most of all he was taught from a Biblical foundation! As parents with no family in town, it is a blessing to have BHBC and the opportunity to send our "boys" there for Mom's morning out and Pre-school.
Parker (First day of 3 Year Pre-school)

 (Parker today (May 19th) celebrating apparently that it's the last day :)
Kaden will enter Mom's Morning Out after he is 2~(fall 2012). He gets one more year home with mommy :)
I am so proud of our little man Parker.
Yesterday he was a little boy and today he is growing up into a big boy and quite the charmer!
Some of his BIG 3 Year accomplishments this year; writing his name, numbers & letters, color recognition, monthly Bible Verses, traffic signals, new songs, and the big one this year....overcoming the fear of going "pooey" in the toilet!!! Yippee HE finally did it all on his own! I was worried he would be 10 before he would.
 Hats off to another great year of growth!
We ended the year with a special carnival for just the 3year old's today (4's went yesterday, and 5's go tomorrow), with jumpies, cotton candy, popcorn, bubbles, games, snowcones and a picnic lunch with the class and other 3's classes on the lawn. It really was a neat way to end the year!

Miss Clare and Miss Kelley were very tickled to get their gifts today (Cake Pops) and I was a happy mommy today to receive his "All About Me" book today.


 It is a neat collection of the year and his growth! 
 I really can't believe he will be in 4 year old Pre-school next year!
His next adventure... a trip to NY to visit NeNe and PaPa.
We are looking forward to a fun summer and a break from the crazy schedule of getting off to school :)

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Christy said...

Way to go, Parker! :) Loved the book idea. We may be coming your way this summer - I will keep you posted! :)