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Monday, June 06, 2011

Memories, milestones, & memorable moments in May

May was a big month for us.
 Alot of teachable moments for us all, lots of memories cherished and it ended the spring season.
I had a blast last Friday, with Joy and another friend, Pam at the Outlets! We shopped away,sweated away (in the car that had NO AC) and of course talked away! We agreed it has to be an annual trip around the same time. It was SO refreshing and we came back renewed and revived  LOL -It's amazing what retail therapy can do for stay at home moms!
 Today was our first visit at the neighborhood pool.
 Kaden was devastated when it was time to go! I have a fish that hates to be out of the water. I will have to capture him at his best next time we go down to the pool .

Here are some of the highlights and memories from the month-
(Extended)Family-The end of the month, the boys and I will be flying up to my in-laws for a very special visit. There is a very special little boy arriving the end of September into the family. This little boy has been prayed for, dreamed for, hoped for and is a MIRACLE to the family. Mike's older brother and sister-in law are expecting their first baby ,(4th child) on 9/25.
Here is a recent photo of me and Courtney (back in Jan at a family wedding)
They have 3 babies in heaven,and have embarked upon a road that not many travel and so few understand. I must say that Mike and I have NEVER been in their shoes but we traveled this road with them and we felt so helpless but hopeful in the Lord!  I am so tickled to be a part of this celebration and help host a shower for my SISTER-in-Law. (I do LOVE her just like one of my own). I know Brian and Courtney would covet your prayers through the rest of their pregnancy with their baby boy. His name will be announced when he is I have been calling him "Little Peanut!" (And I had a little fun shopping for him recently too :)
God has heard our prayers, (and he has always heard our prayers, but it hurt to see God take those 3 little ones home) and he is once again blessing us all with another baby to enjoy soon in the Riese family. Please pray for me as I embark upon ANOTHER journey to fly ALONE with the boys! I am looking forward to the visit (once we arrive). Mike has closing for work, so he will not be able to go home.
*And I must make a special note...I have been training and got all registered to run the Peach Tree (Atlanta's 10K on July 4th) BUT I am skipping it and passing my number onto Joy, since I will be in NY for this big celebration! The Peach Tree 10K will always be here every 4th of July, but this baby shower is a one in a lifetime opportunity! :)
Financial Celebration- We have been on the Dave Ramsey Plan since 2006. BD (Before Dave), we were swimming in college debt and credit card debt. So, we no longer have any credit card debt, and just this month we no longer have any more college debt for me to pay! Now we are just onto paying off Mike's student loans!   It is a big relief!! Now that is behind us, we found out 3 months ago that we need to put in a good chunk of money on the exterior of our home (ASAP-siding, painting and we need a whole new front door re-built) we had some issues with termite we emptied our emergency fund and got a new installation of Termidor done on our home. Now we are back to re-building our emergency fund and saving a ton of money! So, we have NO big summer plans BUT we are making a BIG exception for the trip to NY! It really is something I felt strongly about being home for. I knew in my heart that logically it was not right with our plan and financial situation to go home, but emotionally I was feeling a tug to go.  I AM the FREE SPIRIT, People-pleaser, and hate NO for an answer and I hate saying NO to people. Mike is the financial geek (in D.Ramsey terms and the frugal one in our marriage) So, really this was a rough-rough journey. Mike and I talked and we have moved some of our finances around and we have a new plan for the rest of the year financially. However, it sets us back a bit with our plan for the work on the house, but I/ we are just praying that God will be honored by this decision.  I must say that I was tickled to get 2 plane tickets for $420 for all 3 of us to fly. So, I am praying that I do not get "punished" with all these "obstacles" on our trip! I really want it to be a blessing and memory for the boys and praying that we can meet our financial goals sooner then planned! Will you please pray with us? We are trying to be good stewards of what God has given to us and also trying to get rid of this debt.
 I am also thankful for our Treadmill selling. I just decided to sell somethings and make some money to pay for the flights :) It is so hard to live like no one else so we can live like no one else later-BUT it was the happiest feeling in the world to know that my college debt is paid off. However, most of the credit-goes to Mike for punching the numbers all the time and keeping us working toward our goal. No, it has not been easy-and I get off track and then I get back on and now I am keep going! We don't like this financial baggage- One more year and Mike's will officially be paid off :)
FUNNY-Teachable moment with the boys-
Parker has never been a biter but 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, he bit Kaden on the knee! I was shocked and I was not going to have that kind of behavior. So, I bit Parker back on the hand to show him how it feels (and I know that some parents do not agree with it) but I knew it was what I needed to do. So, he immediately cried and said "Mommy, that hurt I need a new hand!" (I turned away and laughed)  I turned back toward him and said well, "Kaden needs a new knee!" He said "Yeah! Can we go get them!?"  (LOL) It was a very teachable moment and we sang "o be careful what you do with your mouth" then we discussed that Jesus only gives us 1 body part each and we never, ever should hurt someone elses body like that!
 I think it has clicked with him *(I hope).I am so amazed at how young the sinful nauture begins in these children and I feel so overwhelmed at times about the vast responsibility to teach the boys right from wrong. I know that I can not catch every wrong doing, and some moments my reaction has been "unacceptable" but I pray that Parker and Kaden will learn discernment and be kind natured boys.

Friends-We got to celebrate Kayleigh and Caroline's birthday just a couple of weeks ago and a few other special friends birthdays! Caroline is now 2 & Kayleigh will be 4 in July. It was a fun night and special to celebrate both of the girls. The boys LOVED playing on the BIG jumpee and on their trampolene!
We love them so much and LOVE seeing them when we can. :)

A month of memories,milestones& moments I/we will never forget.
Here's to wishing all a fun and fabulous SUMMER! :)

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