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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A day off from my full time job.....

It was a real joy to celebrate another special Mother's Day with Mike and our two sweet boys. I am amazed that God has chosen for me to be a mom. Being a mom has a vast responsibility! The definition of MOM with all it's requirements is somewhat overwhelming but some days rewarding!
I do not say that in a negative way at all. However, I treasure my opportunity to just stay home and be MOM. But, I do not know how Mom's do it in the career world full time? I completely respect each one's convictions but right now-I need to be home. Some days I miss the classroom but I really am grateful to God that I can just be home and "teach" our boys.
So, how much value and worth is a full time mom?
Check out this article for the full breakdown on a mother's worth (click on the back button to see all the roles for what a mom does)....

If you were to put a price on all the roles of "mom" per year here is an idea:
  •   cook ($27,000)
  • maid ($20,000)
  • laundry service ($20,000)
  • Psychologist($76,000)
But I think our real reward will one day be in heaven.
However, I love the Psychologist role-all those teachable moments and moments we don't love so much (the lecture or time out in Target or at Chic-fil-a) are worth over $38.00 an hour! I do not want to get money for being a mom, but it is sure nice to feel appreciated and have some time off occassionally. WOW, if you are full time MOM you are worth $115,000 a year! Give yourself a pat on the back. If you are working mom, you are worth an additional $65,000 (something to be proud of :)!
As Mike would say,I get so caught up in the stress and full load of being MOM, (24/7)~I rarely sit back and enjoy the little joys! (Sigh) I am trying to relish the moments better and not get so worked up about the small things. As many of you know, we don't have family in town, so rarely do I get a full day off!(But then again? What full time Mom does?) Now that we have 2 kids, I have a greater appreciation for "Mother's Day" and the "holiday" that it is :) It is starting to become a favorite holiday of mine. This is the one day a year that I must say, Mike goes ALL out to make sure I am pampered, appreciated, and treated like a "queen." Not having family in town, he knows how tireing it gets and I know he feels like he has 2 jobs-but he NEVER complains about it,and makes sure I get my breaks! :)
(I do not deserve MIKE-he is a gem and has been such a blessing to me :)
He took me out to dinner and a movie (without the boys on Saturday night). Sunday we spent the whole day as a family. A trip to Starbucks, church, my favorite BBQ and spending the day as a family :) Mike had to leave for Brazil on Mother's Night. He made sure to get the most of the day spent at home. The night ended with my favorite ice-cream sandwiches....Chocolate Mint Skinny Cows! It was so sweet to eat my favorite ice-cream dessert with Parker. I am so blessed.

 (This is a hilarious photo and the best we got....Kaden is being Kaden and Parker, (DOES NOT want to take a photo)
 (Mother's Day Luncheon; I had another sweet time with Parker at his pre-school.) I am so in love with this little boy (even when he is SO strong willed). Photo can not show it, but he just started getting freckles!!! :)
(Heart Attack on a plate! (AKA=Ooh-La-La) from a famous restaurant in downtown Acworth! It was my Mommy night out meal. I was running it off the next morning :)
Mike always is looking for a "gift" idea for Mother's day-but I gave a big hint that my biggest desire this year was a day off! (I do not say that in a negative way, or to say I do not appreciate or LOVE being MOM (24/7), but there is something special about a big upcoming "day off"!)
I come back refreshed and renewed. If you have family in town and get breaks frequently, cherish it! I am trying to focus all of my time on the boys. BUT, I fail many days, as I get impatient and stressed. But I am so glad that each day is a NEW day. I think my 7 years of teaching and creating lesson plans set a standard for my expectation of "mommy-hood" ERASE!!!! ERASE!!!! I have learned that there are NO lesson plans in the world of "MOM", but it is still good to have a set schedule for general routines. However, I have had to BE FLEXIBLE and most of all be a role-model! (That is so humbling and I fail so much). I want our boys to grow up with a love and desire to serve the Lord, respect authority, and be a gentleman :)
Since there are NO days off and NO weekends in the world of MOM, my wish was granted. That longing for an end in sight, a day off, something to look forward too-NO "kid" responsibilities etc. was given to me by Mike and the boys. Mike took an upcoming Friday off and gave me some $$ for some shopping (for ME???!) I guess I shop for the boys so much, I don't do much for myself anymore.
 I think I have convinced Joy to go with me. (Anybody else want to join us?) Looks like we will be going, Friday, May27th around 10AM!) THANK YOU, Mike! Good luck :) But, I already know me....I will be leaving Mike a schedule,  I will be calling in and YES, I will miss them :) But, I will try not to feel guilty when I am away for the day.
"MOM, before I became a mom, I never grasped why you always wanted a quiet house and NO gifts! It all makes sense now!" Mom always said that all she wanted for Mother's day was "a cup of tea, a quiet house and time to read (uninterrupted)!" WOW-two kids later...I get it!
My mother and my mother-in-law have taught me SO much about being a mom, comforted my heart during frustration or failure and laughed with me during milestones accomplished or just memorable moments with the boys. (And they often remind me in moments that I don't find funny-that I will one day laugh!:) THANK YOU both for being a Proverbs 31 role model! I could not be where I am today without both of you in my life.
I have come to accept that it is important for me to have that alone time as a mom. So, May 27th is coming and I can't wait.  Some day when I have many hours and moments "Off" I will be wishing these days and moments back.
So, what do you do for yourself on a weekly basis to get time "off" for yourself?
I know that many of you have similar situations like me-and I would love your ideas, besides the obvious (Trip to target, working out at the Y) :)
I would not get this day off if it were not for our two sweet boys. I have to share a cute video of Parker singing his version of the "A,B,C's"-He does not say "L,m,n,o,p"-instead it comes out "I'm a little P!" It is priceless and THIS is why I LOVE staying home and capturing these moments.
Blessed Mommy :)

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