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Friday, January 25, 2008

No wonder it is called Domestic Engineer

What a day! I did 7 loads of laundry yesterday, dusted (discovered the ceiling fans needed it badly), and sorted out some old clothes! I was worn out after 4 hours of it! I have to say that I still found time to get on the treadmill and shower during Parker's 2 hour morning nap!
I remember the days when I loved to do all our "weekly" laundry! The first year we were married, I would make Saturday morning my "laundry day!" Well, that is in the past and no longer an option!( I don't miss having to go hunt down quarters for the apartment machines!) Well, I feel that if I now choose to take 1 day off of laundry, I am backed up for the next 3 days! So 1 load a day I must do! Of course, Parker being on food now means lots of bibs! But I am really thinking that I need to get a bib that is re-usable and cleans quickly!(There are some great silicone ones!) I think I will be making this a purchase real soon.
I absolutely love being home, but some days I am completely struk back at how fast the day went by, or in this case (what the daily activity was)!
So glad that I can enjoy the day today with Parker!
We are headed to Lunch with a friend of mine from my college BBC.(She just moved here!) I will post more about how we got connected in our church! (It is really neat-you will have to come back later to hear the story!)

Blessings to you all,

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so understand the bib thing!