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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Life right now...May 10, 2006

Rainbow of Thoughts today because of HIM!

I Live: with my husband and love of my life (when he is in town) and our dog Abbey
I Work: at North Cobb Christian School
I Talk: a lot...part of my job-(unless I am on the computer thinking!)
I Wish: my husband were here

I Enjoy: Friday's at 2:30 and Mike coming home
I Look: tired right now~
I Find: ways to encourage my students
I Smell: Glade Plug In
I Listen: to my 3rd graders all day and listen to my friends hurting hearts! (*I love you Yvette!)

I Hide: some receipts (till budget time)
I pray: each morning with my students
I Walk: with God daily!
I See: people who deserve my compassion
I Sing: in Chapel and Church
I Laugh: often at my 3rd graders
I Watch: 24
I Learn: to love in all my students

I dream: about our future children
I Want: to Glorify God
I Cry: when I hear about another business trip
I Read: Bible and Children's books
I Love: my God, my husband, my job, my friends
I Sometimes: wish I lived closer to our families~
I Touch: 8 & 9 year old lives every day!
I Hurt: when Mike is away, friends are going through a divorce or loose a loved one

I Fear: about the PWC workload for Mike
I Hope: I am a good, wife, teacher, sister, aunt and Friend
I Break: you can't break whats already broken
I Eat: not much-on a great diet...going very well...lost 6 pounds
I Quit: being sad
I Drink: Water~Water~Water!
I Save: to many emails
I Hug: my dog every day (some students too)
I Play: jokes on my Vice Principal- Debbie-she is a blast!
I miss : my husband, sisters, Joy and my childhood friend (& friendship) Molly!
I Forgive: because I have no right not to and God forgives us all!
I rejoice in: MY SALVATION and the peace that passes all understanding!

There would be no I sentences tonight, were it not for God and all he has done!
I smile at all of these, some are sad...but help me reflect the road God has me on!

Blessings to you all,


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