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Monday, December 07, 2009

Pink Eye, Photo Contest & Peace

Crazy Title~but those three things are on my mind today.
Parker woke up at 8:15 this AM with a wicked HIGH fever of ...104! YIKES-I panicked and was concerned-I usually do not panic,but I do when it gets over 103. I hate seeing him SO lethargic and in pain. While we were at the DR. they tested for strep and the flu (but I was praying that the flu was negative since I had him get both vaccines.) And of course no ear infections! I was also taking him in for his eye. Yesterday- it was looking watery and crusty and my suspicions were right. He has his first case of Pink Eye! The high fever is still a mystery! Therefore-we are keeping a good eye on his fever. I hope that it is a virus and his body will fight it off.
Parker is in a local Photo Contest and we would LOVE your vote. A former teacher friend of mine is the editor of this Magazine- and I entered Parker in their photo contest. I would LOVE to win the GA Aquarium Tickets. I would love for my parents to take Parker in Jan when they come for a visit. We can't win without the help of your daily votes! Thanks in advance for the daily votes! :)
Finally yet importantly-I am thankful that God has given me a peaceful heart about Jan. 13! That is the day of my scheduled C-section with Sweet Pea. I had a rough week last week as I was just processing all the information. It was allot in one day's visit! However, after talking to many close friends, and our Small group from Church-I am so at peace about the planned birth C-section for Sweet Pea. Some of my friends have experienced scary, emergency c-sections and have had more complications then I! So, I am counting my blessings for a great OB ~who is watching out for me in more ways then 1, a healthy baby thus far and a great support group of family and friends!

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Tiffany said...

Aww, poor Parker. For about two years Cadi would get sudden high fevers, with no other symptoms. We got test after test done, and nothing was ever determined. It was scary. Thankfully she has seemed to outgrow that, and is pretty healthy now. Scotty is a whole other story with his allergies - ug. You are getting so close to meeting your new baby!!!