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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

17 Months

Parker is 17 Months Old!

I have made 2 slide shows of some exciting things we have done in the last few weeks. Amazing how busy we have been!

Parker is still being really picky with his vegetables. So, I am trying to sneek them in his food!Mike got me the cookbook Deceptively Delicious for Christmas and I am trying some new recipes from time to time!
He is almost 28 lbs and despite the interest in many "healthy" foods-he is growing like a weed! Still loves his Milk!

He is fascinated by Pop-Up Books and I am sure it is all to do with "Open/close" Which he LOVES to do around the house -and making me nerveous that he will one day LOCK me out!!!
It is still really cold here. Making it hard to explain to a 1 & 1/2 year old "NO" to go outside with Abbey! He throws tempur tantrums when we pull him indoors! It is pay back time now!-I was notorious for throwing fits when I was his age!! :( Well -we are ignoring him and removing him from his frustrations ,He is still to young to understand "time-out" BUT we are trying it! I am amazed how different boys/ girls are! Being an educator, I know that there are gaps in some areas with boys/girls! Kayleigh definitely can reason with me, go in time out and gets so many of my commands! They are 3 weeks apart and in some ways- a few months apart! Amazing that NO seems to be one word-they all understand so young! Thankfully, Mike and I agree on the same discipline plan and hopefully Parker will soon understand that we are in control-NOT HIM!

I think the 2 back molars are finally in! He sleeps GREAT at night-but the weekend days were SO LONG! I am SO happy that he got over it now-and hopefully he won't have any major events on the cruise!! Fingers crossed!

Mike flys out this Sunday for Canada. (sigh :( Which will make my days long!
Please pray that they go by fast! I am looking forward to Tuesday, when our sitter, Hannah will take Parker for a few hours so I can get some packing done and have some ALONE time! Mike will return at 8 PM Wednesday and then we will be leaving , hopefully by nap time (noon) on Thursday to meet up with my family in Orlando ! The cruise departs on Sunday, 2/1! We are going to Nassau, Bahamas and on a 26 degree day like today ~WE CAN'T WAIT!

Enjoy the slide shows!
Jenn :)

Slide show 1 :

Parker's friend, "Courtney's" Birthday Party~ (My friend Samantha's Niece)
& Fun with Kayleigh (I took them to an in-door playplace.)

I am working on Slide Show 2 and I will post it shortly! It is of Parker's first visit to Charlotte, NC (Our visit w/ Mike's college roommate)

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thedulls said...

Sounds like you are busy! I hope the time without mike flies and that the cruise is awesome. I am glad you and Mike agree about discipline - that is critical - and be consistent!!! He is at the age where he needs to know you are in charge!!!