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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Parker's First July 4th

Parker had a nice normal day and didn't even know it was his first 4th of July!

To young to go out and see Fireworks, but happy and content to just be himself.

Here are a couple photos of him meeting us for Lunch (after the Race)-Aunt Yvette brought him to the restaurant to meet us.

We had a nice resting day (and he took a nice long nap for us too) as we tried to recover from our race.

We chased Parker around (litterally) & ate sausages,chips and watermelon.

I have a video (that I have tried to load 3 times... but won't upload!) I posted it on Facebook for all my Facebook friends and there you can see Parker's latest crawiling adventures.

Fireworks were heard all night but we settled in bed by 10 PM.

We were content and happy to be home celebrating as a family.

We hope you all had a nice 4th of July!


Jenn, Mike & Parker

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