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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Traveling the midwest...

We left Thursday night to head to NY to see Gramma & Big Poppy Riese.
We stopped in Knoxville to see Joy,David & Trey on the way to NY! It was a short and sweet visit! Parker slept for 9 hours of the 14 hour trip , so we were very thankful! We just got him a new car-seat and he loves it!
We are here in NY (Mom & Dad Riese's) attending a wedding today! (The wedding is for a friend Mike went to HS with and he was in our wedding.) So we wanted to be here for the event. Parker gets to spend the day with Aunt Jackie while we are away at the wedding.
Sunday we are leaving (once we visit our old church) for MI to see Grammy & Papa Clark and traveling another 11 hours ! We are looking forward to finally getting out on the family boat and having Parker in MI for his first summer!
I will post photos and share some highlights of our adventures once we get home!
Do pray for the trip back to GA (on the 20-21st). Mike is flying home on Tuesday, July 15th! With his new job he couldn't get a whole week off, so I will be staying for the rest of the week to visit more with my family. My friend Samantha who lives in GA will be in MI on the 17th for a friends wedding and she and Marlee (her 3 month old)will meet up with us and drive back to GA with Parker and me! Thank goodness I won't have to do the 10 hour trip alone! We plan to stop in OH and visit a HS friend of mine (and this will break our trip up)!
So hence the title....traveling the midwest!!!
Blessings to all,
Jenn, Mike & Parker

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