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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miles, More Miles & Memories from NY & MI!

We are home sweet home! (To be exact we had a grand total of 1,836 miles from Atlanta to (Marathon, NY, ;Marathon, NY to Zeeland, MI; Zeeland, MI back to Atlanta!)
Parker is taking (hopefully his 2 hour nap) and hopefully I can get caught up, laundry done and relax too!
Not sure where to begin or how to sumarize the 10 days of time with family into 1 entry!?
New York:
We left Atlanta and went to Mom & Dad Riese's on July 10th! Parker was enamored by all the exciting nick-nacks in Grammy & Big Poppy's house! We enjoyed a picnic on Friday night with some of the family and just relaxed! (Of course-Mike and his dad found time to get in some "tee-time")
Parker spent most of Saturday with Aunt Jackie while we atteded the wedding! It was nice to have a Date away and bond with Mom & Dad Riese!
We made sure to fit in time to attend our old church in Liverpool, NY! It was special to see many old friends and show off Parker! We had lunch with Mom & Dad Riese and then we onto our next road trip....
We got to stop in OH and visit Mike's Uncle Dan & Aunt Bonnie before we made it to MI! It was a good break for Parker and allowed some good fellowship with family.
We got to MI @ 3 AM. We really do not like driving through the night, but we do know that Parker sleeps well and we get there much quicker.
Monday we made it out on the Family boat and enjoyed seeing Lake Macatawa and parts of Lake Michigan! Parker was so good and just went with the flow, each day as it came!

Monday night my mom got a call that her mother was in her last few hours of life! Grandma Wilson passed away on Tuesday morning! She was my last grandparent alive! It was sad that Parker never got to meet her, but we are rejoicing that she is in a much better place! Due to distance and timing we were unable to attend the funeral out in CO. We hope to make it out later in the fall and visit her gravesite! Many of you sent cards, and notes (via texting) and it was so encouraging. Death is never easy to deal with -but much more uplifting when we know they are with the Lord. I was so thankful that the Lord had me with my mom during the week, so I could be there to support her! Grandma Wilson was so supportive and I will always cherish her handmade goods, recipes, visits to MI (especially my graduation & wedding in NY), and all her love and prayers!
Despite the damper of Grandma's passing, we still made time to enjoy with family, friends and even fit in Parker's first birthday party (1 month early!)

Saturday I went and picked up my friend Samantha and her daughter Marlee . They were in MI for a wedding and she willingly agreed to drive back to MI with Parker and I (since Mike had to fly back in the middle of week for work!)
We had an adventurous time home! Parker and Marlee traveled well -despite Parker pooping and throwing up *(everywhere) 45 minutes before we got to my friend Cari's house in Cinncinati! (We were staying for the night at her house and it was a great 1/2 way point!) Cari was very hospitable and handled the baby "chaos" well! Parker had a fever of 102.5 so I took him to a walk-in center.I wanted to make sure he didn't have strep! Luckily it was just a virus and he was in much better spirits Monday morning. The 6 hour drive home on Monday was a little longer (due to stops for stetches and eating)-but we made it home safe and were never more excited to see the GA sign!!!! I can not thank Samantha and Marlee enough!!!
We both agreed not to take Parker and Marlee anywhere Tuesday! A day at home and chilling is so great after 2 days of travelling!
I am so thankful for the time with each of the family, and glad that Parker was so good-(even though he was cutting teeth most of the 10 days!)
I will post 2 slide shows of our weekly adventures!
Glad to be back and chilling today,
Jenn (& Parker)

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