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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I stated in my last post...the camera is sick and at the hospital getting fixed!
But, I do have the lovely Camcorder and made good use of it the other day!
Forgot to put my memory card (for photos) -but I will have iti in this weekend.
Anyway-I captured Parker, "walking" behind his Buddybug the other day!
He LOVES to hear it play music.
About 2 weeks ago, he wouldn't walk with it,unless we were behind him!
All of a sudden he is taken a deep interest!
Maybe he will take his first steps on Friday-when he sees Papa!
My dad is flying through ATL airport and we are going to go visit him for lunch! He has almost a 2 hour layover and we will MAKE the time for sure!
I always jump to any opportunity I can get to visit with my family!
I will post the video once I figure out how to plug it in the to computer...urr ....frustrated and going to bed!

Jenn :-)

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watch's all down hill from here.