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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Winne the "Parker" and Friends

Parker-roo was "Winne the Pooh" or as Mike likes to say..."Winne the Parker!"

I wasn't able to get the DVD finalized, so I can't show the video of Parker walking. Hopefully the new one I put in, I will get some footage.

In the meantime here is 1 photo of Halloween night of Parker and (his friends) all the mommy's planned this (obviously!)
My good friend Samantha has ALL the photos of the day. So when she sends them, I will post them!I really miss my camera and I will be happy to get it back! But, thanks to great friends for taking so many photos!

In this Photo:Kayleigh's mom took this one, (Kayleigh is the Lobster, Marlee ="honeypot", Parker= Pooh, Courtney (my friends Samantha's niece)=Piglet, and our friend Shawna's little boy, Luke=Piglet)
It was so funny to see them all look at each other, when we were taking their pictures.
We went to our church for Fall Festival and then came back and had some chili!
It was fun 2nd halloween for Parker...(he was more into this year vs. last year!)

Now that Halloween is officially behind's time for the Holidays to begin!
YEAH (so much to still do)

Jenn :)

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