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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Back home & healthy Olympus Camera is back in business! LOL
According to the "Drs. report" they had to replace the lens. P.T.L. it was all under waranty!
Mike and his friends played in a local Softball Tournament today. They got 3rd place and did well, considering that they played against teams who play constantly in tournaments!
Parker, as I have mentioned in previous posts is ready to walk.
While we were at the ballpark, Aunt Lorelei was motivated to get Parker walking! Here are a few photos of Parker in action (not quite walking but so close) and one photo ( under mommy's legs LOL).
We only stayed for 1 game and then found ourselves all of a sudden at Old Navy getting some great bargains! Parker desperately needed a winter coat and they were 50% off today!

Modeling his new winter coat
Peek-a-boo...I see you!

Parker and "Aunt Lola"

I got a little carried away, but love it when we get great bargains!

Here is a little video too of Parker "walking" for that softball

Jenn :)

PS: If you haven't signed up for the Parlee Pocket giveaway...we still have the contest going on for 1 more week!

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