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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A First for Everything....

Last night was History in the making....Our first Black President Elect come January! I hope that we get some good change that America needs. Now we must pray for him as he embarks upon this new role! Being an educator, I have been moved by this victory that the "dream has finally happened for the African- American Race, and believing that there was NO future for them ....amazing history in the making!" I really do wonder where we will be 1 year from now? Peace?!! Better Economy?! The list goes on!
Change is supposedly about to happen with our Government , but one thing will NEVER change...God is still on his throne and he is in Control!

Another "first" in our household....Mike and I awoke to a happy boy this AM! When I went in to get him ....(beacuse I heard this tap, tap, tap that couldn't be an object anywhere near his bed) he WASN'T IN THE BED! Parker was on the floor tapping the trash can like a drum! The room was in complete disarray, it really looked like a tornado hit! I said to Mike, "GET IN HERE! (Trying NOT to LAUGH) Did you come and get him out?" He laughed-at Parker's creative escape" (Parker has a door on his crib and it wasn't latched apparently last night.) So, this morning when he was singing away and dancing, the door opened and he happily hopped out!
A First for everything for sure! One of the moments I probably would have captured on my camera....but it is still "at the Hospital!"
Tonight the door will be locked on Parkers crib and come January, we will have a new President that we must all be praying for!

Jenn :)
Proverbs 3:5-6

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