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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas Party Date with Mike

The hustle and bustle has begun of ; shipping packages off to my family, decorating the house (little this year), mailing out Christmas cards, getting gifts for close friends and...... the annual Work Christmas Parties for GE!
I look forward to the Annual parties with his job! We did hear that his old company PWC is not doing any Christmas parties this year due to the decline in the economy. They are trying to be respectful of their clients that are financially hurting! So, I was not personally expecting ANY parties this year with GE! I was wrong. We had one on the 5th with all the controllers. It was a nice dinner with about 20 people. It was great to get to know many other "financial" people like Mike! (*Actually no one is near like him and that is what makes him so fun and loveable for all!) And tonight we are headed to a Financial Christmas Party for GE and this one is to be Holiday Best dress!!? Hmmm? I decided to wear the "never go wrong" Black dress! Thanks to ROSS I found a cute one and I will be even happier when I use it again for our upcoming Cruise! I enjoy getting dressed up now that I stay home.
I love these parties because it is a nice "date" for Mike and I that is free food (and always top-notch)-apart from paying our sitter!
The other reason I am looking forward to tonight, is that I will finally meet Mike's Boss and the CFO (who I actually sent an email too by mistake ) I blogged about it awhile ago! Yes, it will nice to finally meet him and get some laughs too I am sure!
I GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So , I can even take some photos of our night! If you know me, I have to have a camera to capture the "moments!"
I will post photos tomorrow!
Jenn :)

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