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Thursday, December 18, 2008

GE Christmas Party Photos...

The night was a blast...and it was great to finally meet Mike's boss in person!
We had a wonderful full coarse meal, a surprise visit from Santa & great laughs during the gift exchange. FYI: Mike thought it was a White Elephant Party....but it was actually supposed to be a good laugh gift less then $20.00! Well we took a GE Hand mixer (that we got last week at a White Elephant Party) and Mike took an old toaster of ours ,that no longer works! It was so embarrassing -after I realized what we were suppose to bring!! Needless to say , I made sure he came home with the toaster. The mixer was wanted by 2 people! (That was funny-and I sure hope it works!!) Now I know what to expect for next year and I will go and take care the gifts!!

Here are some of our highlights of the night-we got home late, but we were so glad we got out!
Jenn :)

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun times - you look beautiful and mike looks crazy as ever. and parker so cute admiring you!! So funny about the gifts, how embarrasing!!!