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Monday, December 08, 2008

Ouch ....2 stitches later!!!

Life on Gabriel Way was crazy this morning and the main person involved was ME!
This morning at 9:00 I hit my eye (the corner of my right eyebrow) on a new shelf that we have on the wall near the TV .
I was bending down to get Kayleigh's pacifier (it was time for naps)....I came up and BAMB!!! Ouch???! I start seeing stars....My glasses flew off. (This whole time Parker and Kayleigh are upstairs in the playroom) so they didn't see me cry...and the blood! Yes there was BLOOD!
I freaked and an instant headache began! I start crying....what just happened?
I put the paci down & find my to the bathroom!
OH -NO! I don't want Stitches-I have NEVER had to get them (except for surgical procedures!)
I call Mike .He is about to pull into work (yet willing to come home) and says ....Call Lorelei and have her come and look at it!
Lorelei (my friend and neighbor) comes the meantime I have managed to get 2 happy (yet tired) kiddos down for naps!
The cut is 1/2 inch long. I know that usually stitches has to be 1 inch of cut. So I am just sad that I have been so klutzy and now I am yelling at the stupid box! Not to mention my facial image now being scared....urr-"stupid box-I say again!"
I refuse to go to the ER unless I couldn't see out of my eye or the blood wouldn't stop! Lorelei insists I call my Dr. to get it checked out.
She helped me bandage it-I kept it on till my Dr. visit today at 3:45 and my Dr. made the choice for 2 stitches! It was a pretty deep puncture....and he says ...."Oh that is a cut all right and deep enough for a few stitches!!" ("stupid box I say again!") Mike is sitting there and I am begging him to get rid of it!
It is swollen a bit , but the 2 stitches is fine with me considering the damage could have been worse! I am SO thankful I did not puncture my eye!
Here is a photo of my lovely stitches....(urr) and the Stupid (I mean...lovely box that is out of our 1 year old's reach....yet injures mommy in the mean time!)

So glad that Christmas cards are behind us!!
Jenn :(

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Anonymous said...

oh my. i am glad you got it fixed . . .and that christmas pictures were behind you!!!