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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Card Bloopers.....

So the time of year has come once again for the annual Christmas Card!

Last year I got away with a collage of many "first" moments with Parker! So we didn't have to go and "pose" for the Christmas card!

This year we were back into the routine. (Christmas cards are a BIG deal to me and I LOVE to get them in the mail-and I love to collect all the ones we have send out-this is #6 for us...WOW!) We went to a park a 1/2 hr away that had gorgeous scenery. We took a ton of photos,despite the chill in the air ! ~You will have to guess which ones we went with for the card!! I coordinated our colors with a sweater Parker got from Uncle Brian & Aunt Courtney and the outdoors were great for the colors were were in. I finally picked out 3 great ones after all our laughs from the many bloopers! Everything with Parker is about a ball-and we thought if Sam and Kendall held a Ball he would look at the camera!!! NOPE he cried for it!!! You will see.....

Hope you get a laugh out of some of these like we did.

Thanks Sam & Kendall , for going with us~ (we took theirs too).

Hmm,Can I do another collage next year? A lot of work to do it -but the memories are fun!

I ordered our cards from Shutterfly last night and glad to have that off the list!

Now for the decorations around here! I am getting motivated as I look at all my neighbor's yards!

Hopefully tonight at 7:30 (when Parker is in bed)-we will get going with the decorations and be done by our bed time...around 11!

Blessings to all of you,

Jenn :)

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