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Friday, October 24, 2008

My first encounter with Mike's CFO

Mike really wanted me to blog about my laugh of the week!
Actually, I call it my first encounter with one of the GE -CFO's!
On Tuesday, Mike forwarded an email to me.
He was telling me that he will be going to a Hockey game next Thursday with his finance team. He was just checking to make sure that there were not any conflicts.
(The FWD came from Jason his CFO;so Mike just fwd it on to me)
I only saw Mike's name.
I hit reply and (only see that it is going to Mike).
Here is what I said :
(thinking the email went to Mike)
Just make sure I get Sunday to myself ....since you are playing ALL day Saturday in a tournament.
Or -just do me a favor and MOP my kitchen floor.
I realllllllly do not want to do it today!
It is SO sticky and dirty.
Jenn :)

In 10 Minutes here is the email back
(Not from Mike- but the CFO) :

Jenn, although we haven't met I will sign Mike up for whatever you have on the honey do list....Mike I want to see that kitchen floor spotless...I want to see pics...thx, Jason!

Yup- I was shocked!I was rejoicing that I didn't have anything negative about the company or none the less-something personal to Mike!

Hope this makes you laugh as much as we did!

I will be looking forward to eventually meeting Jason...and sharing a photo of the clean floor!

Jenn :)

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Nancy said...

That is hysterical! =)