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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with Kayleigh and MOPS group

Here is a cute video of Parker& Kayleigh at the pumpkin patch (below)! I took the two of them with my MOPS group Monday.

They had a great time and they each loved riding on the tractor for the first time !

Parker& Kayleigh were so excited to see the little and BIG orange "balls" (aka-pumpkins)!

It is getting to be a blast to go out more often with the 2 of is hilarious (when I am out with them...I stay home mostly though these 2 days) the questions I get! "Are they twins? How old are your babies? Are they related?... I smile and say they are friends and I babysit her.

Parker is officially 14 months old and FYI-still has NO interest in walking! But he is starting to walk behind some of his little bikes. We are working on it, but not rushing it either. We figure he will be walking for the rest of his life-and when he is ready he will let us know! He loves to walk around things and stand all the time.
His favorites are still about the same, but we do have a few new words:
Ball- "Where's da ball?" (when he cries he says "Ball" over and over again. It is funny!)
Yites (light)
Ju (juice)
He recognizes the sound of the planes that fly over our house (we live close to a small airport & also Dobbins Airforce Base) so we get planes flying over frequently. He Stops at whatever he is doing to listen and acknowledge the Plane! It is so cute.
Still can't say "Plane" yet-but he knows what it is.
He loves to eat Mac & Cheese and hotdogs. He would eat it everyday if I let him.
He has gotten better to let me give him some spoon fed food!
He goes in next month for his 15 mth checkup and I am guessing he is about 23-24 lbs!
We will see. The boy has NO waist & long legs so it is interesting to fit clothes on him!

FYI- My camera broke 1/2 way into the visit. Thankfully I am under a 1 year waranty. I have only had it for 6 months-so I have to send it back to get repaired. We will manage without for now! AND NO I DID NOT BREAK IT to all my family and friends who love teasing me about my electronics. I had it in the case pulled it out, turned it on and it wouldn't stay on. The lens constantly turns on and off! I have an Olympus FE 320 (I love it)! It is nice and small, and takes great photos for the size of camera that it is. I will be happy to get it back and take photos again. In the meantime we have to use our camcorder.

Enjoy this cute video-

FYI (in this video)*Parker is just chilling in the middle of the patch. Kayleigh is trying to figure out what to do with these "orange" things.

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thedulls said...

such cute pictures at the pumpkin patch. sounds like your man is sure growing up. like you said, he will walk when he is ready and then watch out!!