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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sisterly Surprise!

Another big surprise arrived last night! My older sister Jodi and 19 month old nephew, Josh arrived last night at 10:30! The funny thing is that Mike and I were babysitting for Jolyn and Eric so they could go out to dinner! Little did we know that "their shopping after dinner in Atlanta" was a special trip to the airport to get them! Jodi really tricked me well and was talking to me on her cell phone when they were pulling in the driveway. She continued to talk as she entered the house and really got me good!!! She really surprised me and has made this a very memorable birthday. (One of the fun ways to have family members live away and find fun ways to surprise them!) *I think they really came to see the most important person in our house, Parker! I am so glad to have them here and we look forward to the outlet shopping, eating out, cooking together and being sisters! I miss my sister Julie and hopefully next year we can all be together for the CSR (Clark Sister Reunion!)
We will post some photos soon of the cousins and us sisters!


Anonymous said...

How awesome!! This has been one special birthday for you!!!

Julie said...

Oh Jenn! I'm still bummed that Jack and I couldn't be there but oh so happy that the 3 of you got to spend time...and the babies too! Love you!