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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good bye 20's! Hello 30's!!

Photo to left: Parker poses with Mommy as she gets ready to go out to eat!
Photo below: Parker attended his first wedding on 10/13 and poses with Dad in his spiffy outfit!

Yup, today is officially the big "30!"

The last 7 birthday's were spent "BIG" with my students and this birthday is a special one! I am no longer spending it with a class full of children, but I am thrilled to be spending it with our little boy Parker (and extra special to have my sister Jolyn, Eric and Sam here too!) It is so precious to finally have Parker here for my 30th birthday (even though he has no clue!)
It is amazing to look back on my life the last 10 years and see how I was just getting established and finding out who I was, and what I wanted to do! Well, here we are in the beginning of the 30's and life is established and it is rewarding to find so much joy and purpose in being Michael's wife and now Parker's mom! I hope that in the next 10 years I will look back on my 30's and see so many more exciting things that happened and count for God's glory!
Thank you to so many of you for the cards and gifts! I am looking forward to a great year and can't believe all that has happened in the last 10 years! I feel very blessed to be a child of God, a loved and encouraged daughter by my godly parents and in-laws, a sister to 3 great sisters and the best.... a wife to a wonderful husband who is letting me stay home and be Parker's mommy!
So I will say it one more time....
"good bye 20's...hello 30!"
Feeling blessed,
Jenn :)


DD said...

YEAH!! how about some pics of the day? ;-)

Michelle Malara said...

Hi Jenn!
Happy Birthday! I check out this site every day. I love keeping up with you even though I would rather do it in person.
Love ya,
Michelle Malara

Julie said...

Parker reminds me of Jack a little in these precious!