How Many Have Visited....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Here we are!

We are into 7 weeks now as a family and Parker is adjusting so well to our lives! (Or we are adjusting well to his life and routine!) Hard to believe that he has been with us for almost 2 months! We had dinner tonight at our good friends (Rich and Julie) who just moved here this summer from Syracuse,NY! We always enjoy hanging out with them. God has truly blessed us with a content and happy baby boy! He is so good wherever we go!
We are looking forward to taking him to Washington DC in just 3 weeks for Mike's brothers' wedding. I am so thankful for my mother taking the time out to hunt down an outfit for Parker to wear. She found two! Now me "the proud mom" gets to decide which one he'll wear~ once the package arrives from Grandma Clark! THANKS MOM! :)
This will be another exciting week for Parker! We are looking forward to the visit from his Aunt Jolyn, Uncle Eric& cousin Sam, from Calgary, Alberta! We have not been together since the birth of Sam . (I went to visit them 1 year ago in August and it is hard to believe that it has been 1 year already!) It will be great to have them here for a week and a half! I can't wait to really catch up, shop, eat out, take photos and watch Sam interact with his new cousin! We will post many photos once they arrive!
Blessings to you all,
Jenn, Mike & Parker


Chaz & Kari Dull said...

Sounds like you guys are doing well and that little Parker is really doing well for you all! Praise the Lord! Trust the trip to the wedding will be great. Dont you just love grandmas who buy clothes and spoil our little ones!! Its the best!

akr said...

He's so cute! I can't wait for our guys to meet each other!