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Monday, October 15, 2007

He got me good!

Mike calls me "J-Lo" so they wrote "Jay-Lo" on the plate at Cbeesecake Factory! (LOL)

Celebrating my 30th with "goofy" Mike, my sister Jolyn and brother-in-law, Eric!
So the big 30th was yesterday for me, and Mike fooled me!
I had the whole day planned (so I thought!) Little did I know that almost 20 guests would be awaiting our return from eating out at the Cheesecake Factory! Mike threw a big Surprise Party for me! Our good friend and baby-sitter "Aunt Yvette" (who I had all set up to babysit) was informed 3 days prior that she was not just our sitter, but also to greet all our guests while we were away! I am still amazed how he made all these random calls on my cell phone and pulled it all off with out me knowing! Thanks to Samantha and Kendall for getting all the food, cake and goodies and playing dumb all day with me!
" Mike, you did a great job and I am so appreciative for a wonderful birthday celebration you had for me!"
I love you!

Jolyn has photos and a video from the night! I will post them soon!
Thanks again to all of you who were in on the celebration.
Jenn : )


Chaz & Kari Dull said...

Awesome!!! How neat is that - he did well! you look so good too - so happy at the dinner with your sister!

Julie said...

You look super excellent, by the way!!!