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Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 months old!

October 20th, Parker turned 2 months old!
He is now smiling and really happy to see our familiar faces. He was alert and interactive at times when his cousins were here! I was so spoiled having my sisters here! It was a real blessing! The house is so quiet now, and we miss the sounds of Josh yelling "Sam" and Sam yelling "Jah!" The cousins sure got close! (Bitting, sharing paci's, food, blankets and all~ What are cousins for?!) Josh was completely in awe of Baby Parker and he loved to come up and kiss him! We have so many photos from the week and I will try to put up a slide show soon!
This is the big week we have been planning for...Mike's brother,Brian is getting married on Saturday in Washington DC! Parker will be taking his first plane ride with me on Thursday. Mike will fly in Friday! Please Pray for me~I have never traveled on a plane with my baby! (I at least realized 2 weeks ago, that I needed his birth certificate to travel; so I went to the health department and got it! Then, 3 days later his social security card arrived! It is so unpredictable when all the legal documents will arrive by mail! I am so glad that I have both now!) So he can travel! But ~ thinking of all that this wedding will take to prepare and get us there is what makes me tired and not sleep well! My sister Jolyn is the "travel mom expert" and she has really convinced me to just check the stroller and car-seat through and use the baby Bjorn! I think it will make my travel easier.I will be so happy to finally be there and celebrate the time with the family. I am so grateful for a happy and content baby that hopefully will make the trip as smooth as can be for me the first time mom. We are so happy for Brian and Courtney and can't wait to have her officially apart of the the Riese Family on Saturday!
Blessings, Jenn, Mike and Parker

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Chaz & Kari Dull said...

Love the pictures and I sure cant wait to hear how your first trip in a plane with Parker goes! I am sure you will do excellent!