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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sisters and Cousins Weekend

Aunt Julie and Cousin Jack came for a special visit last weekend.

This was Kaden's first time to meet Jack. (And Jack loved holding "HER") All weekend, Kaden was "HER! It was HILARIOUS to hear him talk to Kaden.

 Satuday Julie and I bonded at a wedding she was the make-up artist for!
Cousin Jack was never in the original plan for the weekend visit. But, the week before they arrived-some plans changed with my brother-in-law's job. So Jack got a last minute EXPENSIVE FLIGHT to GA with mommy! (I actually had a voucher left with Delta so they were able to use it to bite a  "little" chunk out of the pricey flight!)
They arrived Thursday night and Friday morning we ventured off with the boys to a local Dairy Farm.
 Isn't that just what you would do with two 3 year olds and a 9 month old?

We loved the time and even got a hay-ride to see some cows out in the pasture!


                                             Kaden's first time with the pumpkins!

Julie is a professional Make-Up Artist and one of her clients was getting married 45 minutes from us. Hence the main reason for her trip to GA. Most of her jobs are local, but this one she took since I lived so close. So, I got to be her personal assistant for the wedding. Julie always takes an assistant to prep her brushes and clean the tools between the clients. I have never been to work with any of my sisters, and now I can say I have! It was a blast! I loved meeting the bride, her family and bridal party. As shy of a girl I am -I did not enjoy myself at all! I LOVED being the assistant for the day and Julie would say I "talked the day away" to all. My best wishes to Susan and her husband in their new life together.

(Setting it all up...including her AIR BRUSH!)
 She is top notch makeup artist!

                     Sister of the bride (whom we thought looked alot like Reese Witherspoon)

                                          Julie and her friend Jen the Photographer for the wedding!
 Special thanks to Mike, who watched Parker, Kaden AND Jack from 8:30-4 that Saturday, while we went to the wedding. I don't know to many dad's that will take on this role too often! Do You? I love my husband! :)

 Parker and Jack are only 4 months apart and they just clicked. They had their moments but LOVED being boys, playing "ball", puzzles and most of all got entertained at times with Jack's IPAD! *(Yup my 3 &1/2 year old nephew has an IPAD!)
Sunday we had a fun lunch at Steak and Shake before they departed home.
We put the boys at one table and sisters and baby(s) at another. He-He!

Julie and Rob are expecting Baby #2 in December. Baby Graham is due the week after Christmas. I sent her home with plenty of baby clothes from Cousin Kaden. Julie could not get enough of sweet "Mr. Chunk of Love"! She was in awe of how chubby Kaden had gotten since seeing him in April!

                                                        I LOVE this photo of them.
and this one too....

We hope to make it home the first of the year to meet baby Graham, spend more time on Jack's IPAD and play with cousin Jack (and Grace and Josh too!) .
So glad for a fun weekend and even more thrilled that the last minute plans involved Jack!
Parker misses him a ton and can't wait to see cousin "Jack & Jill Went up the hill" again!

                         The whole week before Jack arrived -Parker was calling him that :)
                         Sweet memories as sisters and cousins we will always remember!

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