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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nine Months and crawling

(9 month old...and a close view of 2 of the 5 teeth)
Kaden took 3 army crawls today and I was laughing. (I will post a video tomorrow of it. I did not capture it on video, soon to come.)
He has 4 teeth and has been working on difficult #5coming! However, he is still SO happy and has been a great trooper for being the 2nd child. Thank goodness for teething tablets, they have been a life saver for him. Parker hated them! I am not sure what we did with Parker, besides tylenol and motrin? It is already a blur to me. LOL
All of this teething is NOTHING compared to his first 3 months and the continuous vomit from his reflux. He was in so much misery with his reflux and wanted to eat all the time. So, this is so mild compared to the first 3 months. That seems like 1 year ago to me!  He has out grown it and has not had an episode in about 1 month. I no longer have him wearing bibs. YEAH for another big more reflux! We have gone almost 3 weeks with NO zantac medicine either. :)
Wed. we will go see Dr.McGee for his well checkup and I am sure he is 25 pounds.
I knew he was going to be a big baby when he was just 1 month old and had already gained 3 pounds. He is indeed our chunk of love!
We love him so much and can't believe we are only 3 months away from celebrating his first birthday! I am thinking football theme for his first birthday. It is so fitting for him! We did baseball theme for Parker. So, we will consider Kaden our MVP for his 1st birthday :)
(Kaden chilling with Caroline at Mc.Donalds)

                                   (Trying to decide which block to get his teeth on next!)

           (Spatula baby! Spatula's are great gadets for a teething baby!)
( Posing in a special bib that NeNe got him for his first Halloween!)

Trying on Big Brother's outfit!( Parker wore this outfit to Uncle Phil and Aunt Miracle's wedding, when he was 9 months old! It was much more loose and fit Parker better at 9 months-then Kaden. BUT I got it on him for a few photos.)
                                                  Parker-9 months old (May 2008)
Happy 9 months Baby, Kaden!

Love ,
Mommy, Daddy and Parker

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