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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day; Dad, Mike and Dad R!

Today is a day that I celebrate three very special men in my life!
1. My Dad
He is a godly, loving, compassionate, tender-hearted, trustworthy, hardworking, discerning, husband, father Grandpa and Pastor! My dad has been a pastor my whole life. I am so proud to be his daughter and blessed to have him to look up to! I will never forget the day my Kindergarten teacher asked what my daddy did. I told my teacher, in front of the whole class, that my daddy was a pastor. She then asked me to explain what a pastor did! I made it very clear that "he spoke to people in church, visited people from the church, and talked on the phone all day!" LOL ~my view and appreciation of my dad's role as a Pastor has definitely changed since Kindergarten! Today, if I was asked what my dad did as a pastor, my answer would probably be this; to train, teach and preach the Gospel to a lost world; while mentoring, counseling and supporting the body of Christ. :) I know it is NOT a job that any man can do. It is very humbling and self-sacrificing to be in full time ministry. Yet, I have seen God bless our family above and beyond because my dad continued to stay faithful and serve the Lord even in the toughest times! (Trust me~ we went through many trials!) I am so proud to be one of my dad's 4 girls. I have never taken it for granted but have grown to appreciate it more and more. Above all-thank you for Dad, for being a great role model to your four son-in-laws, 5 grandsons and your sweet little grand-daughter Grace! Happy Father's Day -We all love you!


2. My Husband

He is a godly, fun, loving, energetic, outgoing, FRUGAL, FRUGAL, trustworthy, optimistic, excitable, VERBAL, patient, son, husband and daddy! I do not thank him enough for choosing me to be his wife! I am working on this! As I reflect on the past 8 years of marriage (and 2 & 1/2 years of dating), I have seen him blossom from YOUNG, free-spirited, enthusiastic, to the list above! WOW~I am really blown away! (Mike.I know you don't like me buying you gifts-but I know how much you love gifts that come from my heart so here it goes! And all my blogging friends get to hear it on this special day!)

"Dear Mike,
I am so proud of your accomplishments the last 8 years. You have worked SO hard to be a strong supporter for us spiritually, emotionally and your favorite ...financially! I think the other two roles (spiritual and emotional) come naturally since you take finances very seriously! You know what God's word says about it, you work with finances every day in the corporate world, and you and I have experienced the tough times in finances! God is continuing to bless us because of your lead and guidance in this area! I know how much you long to see us debt free and I am excited for that day! Thank you for all that you are teaching Parker and Kaden already! I know you have a passion to help others financially and we all know you can't wait to meet your hero-Dave Ramsey! We are half -way through the Financial Peace University Class-and I am glad we are taking it! I can't wait to see the debt fade away so we can really "live" and serve the Lord later with all that he has blessed us with!

The last 3 years you have taken on one of the biggest roles and that is, Dad! After a hard day at work, you walk in the door and perform “DAD 110% "! Seldom do we get to reflect on your work day, because P and K are demanding of your time and you give it! Thank you for being a great example to me and never complaining! Thank you for never giving up on me and never cheating out on your role and not wanting to be "Dad!" I know Parker and Kaden really love you! I really LOVE you and I am proud to be your wife and have you as the daddy of our boys!"
Happy Father's Day!
(Your Sweetlips, Parker and Kaden)


(Father's Day -6/20/2010)

I would not have my dear husband if he had not had his role model growing up, his Dad!
3. My Father-In-Law / (Dad R. a.k.a. as Cowboy and Papa)

He is a godly, fun, energetic, excitable, hardworking, patient (worrier of his kids (in a good way)-sorry I had to say that), trusting, personable, compassionate son, husband and father to 3 great sons, and grandpa!
I find it a great honor to be his daughter-in-law! He treats me just like his own. (My in-laws were blessed with 3 boys-and no daughters. So that is why I think we get such royal treatment!) There is never a dull moment whenever we visit with my -in-laws or vice/ versa. My Father-in-law, spoke at our wedding and gave a charge to Mike and me. I will never forget his last sentence..."I am as proud as a peacock!" And we can say that we are "proud as peacocks" to have you as our Dad, and Papa, to Parker and Kaden! We are excited for your visit the end of the week and can't wait for many more memories! Happy Father's Day~ we all love you!


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