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Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegas Girls Weekend

I am back from Vegas and got in really late, Sunday night! That was due to a 5 hour mechanical delay with Delta~ but, NO complaints! It allowed more time in the airport with my family and another $100.00 voucher from Delta.
We had the BEST time in Vegas and I am so grateful for the needed get-a-way. After 7 years of marriage and 2 years of being "mommy" I got away to just relax and be a "girl!" My mom, younger 2 sisters, Jolyn & Julie, my best friend, Joy and Aunt Mary all came to Vegas for the weekend! One of our biggest highlights was attending the new Cirque Du Soleil Show -"KA" on Friday night. There are No words to describe the show-all I can say is you have to see it~It was incredible!

(My beauty queen sisters-who would ever guess that they are wives, mom's and in their LATE 20's ~Amazing!)
(Me and my aunt riding the bus on our way to go see Jay Leno, Saturday night)

(Mom and Mary posing inside our hotel)
(Yup-it is really Jerry Springer (who was outside our hotel promoting America's Got Talent performing that night at our hotel-Planet Hollywood)
(Our hotel for the weekend)
The 90 degree weather in mid October was a must to relax at the pool while we were there. Sorry no photos of that -not when I am 26 weeks pregnant! LOL ~Joy and I got away to the salon to get overdo or "pregnancy" pedicures and we found time for shopping too the next day.
(Outside of the Paris Hotel brought back memories of our week spent in Paris (May 2000); Joy 31 weeks pregnant and I am 26 weeks pregnant in this photo.)

(Riding the bus on our way to brunch)

The food=great, the hotel =awesome (we had 2 suites at the Planet Hollywood) and the city=comes alive at night! I had a few issues with ALL the smoke but it is legal there in the Casinos. We had no interest in the casinos but to get to your hotel you had to walk through it. It has taken me a week to get caught up on sleep (3 hour time change gets ya' good when you are pregnant) and it's been a crazy week with getting caught up and pregnancy Asthma!
( A view of the city at night)

( A slice of Chocolate cake at PF Changs -that we had to celebrate my birthday! Thanks Mom, Mary and Sisters!)

(Joy, Jolyn, Julie, Me and Mom (outside the Paris hotel)

I can not wait to see where I end up next fall! Mike and I have an agreement that as long as he attends his annual softball tournament, I get a weekend away too! Anyone want to join me next Fall for a get-a-way? No set plans I will have a 3 year old and almost 10 month old by then...ahh can't even imagine life then and may not get away then. I MUST brag that the house was in AMAZING condition when I arrived home Sunday. (That includes a re-organized pantry, beds all made, dishes cleaned, all rooms cleaned up, and a happy 2 year old all bathed and cared for ALL by daddy!) I think they had a blast but I still wish I had a video camera of their weekend adventures! Thanks babe for allowing me to relax when I got home!

In the meantime, we are settling back to our routine and looking forward to the upcoming Holidays at HOME! :)

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Tiffany said...

Aww, sounds like fun! I am glad that you got away! And that is so nice that Joy could go with you. {grin}