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Monday, October 12, 2009

October adventures!

October is here and I will admit my favorite month of fall for MANY reasons!
But, I must post some of our October adventures we have had thus far.
We loved going to see Daddy play in the softball tournament-but it probably was the last one for a while. I am proud of Mike and his team, but couldn't attend all the games due to Parker's schedule. The guys came in 5th place(?) and were thrilled with that. (As I mentioned before it is ALOT of work if you win first place). We had some rain-but didn't let it affect our time there. Mike caught a ball at full speed and got a little injured (so we are now at the end of doctoring this bad bruise.) It is a bad one-you might want to close your eyes! Thankfully he did not get a blood clot or injure his thigh even more. I helped run the Friday night dinner at the host hotel. We hosted 340 people and had a pig roast /Hawaiian theme with all the fixings! I could not have been happier with the event and was SO thankful to have my in-laws there to assist me with Parker.
(Parker eating a hot dog with NeNe at the ball park)

(New Shirt that mommy found while we were in VA Beach...amazing how we were at a softball tournament tournament, but mommy found a Carter's store! )

The Sunday following the tournament, my in-laws, Parker and I all drove 8 hours up to NY. We had a good drive home ,and the mini-van we rented was a huge help! Unfortunately, the week did not start off well for Parker. He decided that he NO longer liked the pack & play and was up the first morning by 4:30 AM! So, he and I were at Wal-Mart purchasing a crib to keep at Nene & Papa's house, by 9AM! (Parker entertaining himself on a rainy day)
Nana got it all together that night~ and Parker slept MUCH better the rest of the week, ( It took me a week to get my sleep my caught up and it was not fun being 24 weeks getting up for the day at 4:30 AM! ) I forgot to mention all the rain-but by the end of the week Parker got to go out and enjoy all the beautiful leaves and play. He really loved it once Uncle Phil and Aunt Miracle arrived. We had the Parker Family Annual Donut Day at the end of the week! (And it was a sweet treat to be there for it).

The night before Donut Day-Mike and I left Parker with Mom and Dad R for an overnight wedding we attended. It was a nice date away and probably our last before Sweet Pea arrives! Wedding was beautiful and we wish Chris & Erin the best in their new marriage. We are excited that they live near us so we will be able to keep in touch!

I mentioned that October is officially here- so it is time for another birthday in our house! Today, I officially turn 32! (Bitter sweet to be getting older -but not complaining!
Yet, I am so grateful to God for ALL he has blessed me with once again. As a BIG gift and celebration-Mike is sending me off to Las Vegas with my Mom and sisters for a reunion /weekend get-a-way! (It is just a fluke that it is falling the weekend of my birthday with all of our schedules!) Most of us have never been to Vegas and that is what/where we chose to meet!!! I have NEVER been away from Parker for longer then 8 hours. Mike and I both think I need a get-a-way before Sweet Pea arrives. So, today we are celebrating simple (with a favorite of mine-Hawaiian Pizza from Papa Johns and what ever else my boys decide to do-but I wanted to stay home with them, since I will be gone all weekend!) Then Thursday morning, Mike is taking me to the airport. I won't be back until Sunday night! I will be fine and hopefully no sickness while I am away (I got my flu shot but I am a bit leery to be flying at 26 weeks pregnant and picking up so many germs! Fingers crossed I stay well! ) It is Mike that needs the prayer-but of course my good friends to the rescue... Aunt La-La & Liz (Kayleigh's Mom) will be helping out with P during the days while Mike works! Thanks a ton girls! As all you moms would agree; one of the best gifts a friend can give is their time to give you a break!
Mommies loves time away-and also loves Girls Night Out! So, last Saturday, I got out to The Cheese Cake Factory for my birthday with some girl friends. It was a blast-thanks girls for going out and making the night so special!
So-in less then 24 hours I will be Vegas bound and so much to do and prepare before I can leave. An amazing thought just occurred-"the packing will be so SIMPLE! ...just me this time to pack for...WOW!" Yes-that ends it on the Riese's Pieces USA 2009 travelling Adventures ~ (I am done after this trip folks, and can't go away till after Sweet Pea arrives!)

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes, gifts and blessings from so many of you! God has really blessed me and I am so grateful for all he has given me. :)


Tiffany said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jenn! I loved this post - so full of many blessings. Enjoy your time away and take lots of photos for your bloggy friens!! {grin}

akr said...

Hope you have a great trip!! sad to have missed donut day but jules brought up a few donuts for us...yum!