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Monday, October 26, 2009

27 Weeks & Pumpkin Patch Fun

(My current view looking down at 27 weeks)

So, I promised that I would post some belly photos more frequently-so here is a recent photo from when I was in Vegas.
(At 26 & 1/2 weeks) and yes-that is Jerry Springer posing with my sister, Joy and me; he was promoting "America's Got Talent" outside our hotel)
I am so happy that we are 1 week shy of entering the 3rd trimester. I'm Really looking forward to January's arrival-yet that means we have to get through the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons! As January nears I have my moments of "we will soon be parents of 2 kids!" AHHHH! But God does not give us more then we can handle!

I feel we have been so spoiled with a happy content baby boy from the start~ He does give us our moments now that he is officially 2, but I still feel like our world is about to end once Sweet Pea arrives. I am trying not to dwell on that pessimistic thought . (...Thoughts of a colic baby, a child that does not sleep or much worse). Just trying to enjoy the remaining 86 days (or less) left as a family of just 3. (I was a handful from the start-so I know my payback is nearing! LOL) .
I ended up at the OB on Friday, for a different check-up. My Asthma is flaring up with this pregnancy. It was almost NON existent when I was pregnant with Parker. My OB said Asthma goes one of 2 ways -worse or better...and mine has gone worse in this pregnancy. So, I got put on an oral steroid *(and I am only taking it as needed). That first night I took the medicine it gave me some funky dreams! I am feeling MUCH-MUCH better and so grateful for the outstanding care of my OB. She actually apologized to me that it was not charted at all that I was asthmatic. That was her main reason for rushing me in on Friday! She was concerned and confused. I called wanting to know if I could have a few doses of my inhaler! Glad that is all charted now and praying that we do not have issues come delivery day. I'm very happy to report that Sweet Pea is doing just fine and oh so ACTIVE! I go back on November 6th for the not so fun, Gestational Diabetes Test!

This past weekend we went to a Pumpkin Patch with some friends! We had a blast and loved watching all the kids interact. Of course our main purpose was for the kids pleasure-but we found our selves enjoying the corn maizes, and the hay rides too!

(Our Goofy Family)

Parker is going to be "Raggedy Andy" for Halloween and his good friend, Marlee, will be "Raggedy Ann!" Can't wait to post the photos after. We will see how long Parker's wig lasts-at least he has that part of the costume already on his head if he chooses not to wear it! LOL :)

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