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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shoe Deal of the Year...Thanks to Oprah and Payless!

I had an Alexander (Horrible, NoGood, Very Bad day)-yesterday! I was really down and then discovered that my steroid I am currently taken for my asthma flarring up- is the main reason for it! So, I am grateful that I do not have to take it every day. So, I didn't need to take it last night and had a very productive day today! :)
My day ended on a very happy note. Simple things really make this pregnant~ stay at home mama happy and shoes REALLY make me happy!
I was watching Oprah today and at the end of the show-they announced that for the next 24 hours, you can get 50%off your total purchase at Payless .
I thought it had to have a catch! Funny thing was-, I was just "crying" the other day to Mike that I don't have black boots anymore and my feet have grown~ (obviously with the pregnancy). I desperately needed some good ol' black flats! I went to Oprah's website, printed the coupon and tested the sale tonight! One important little detail- I only had 30 minutes to shop!
Mike got home at 6:30 and I needed to be back by 7:15. (He had a softball game at 8 tonight). Well, I was focused and had a list of what I needed the minute I entered the store.
Here is how I did....(and the total for each shoe item(s) is after my 50%)

4 Pairs of flat ballets =$32.00
(2 favorites that I had to get -I LOVE Purple!)

2 Pairs of boots (1 short pair and 1 knee length pair) =$30.00

2 Pair of shoes for Parker=$16.50

2 pairs of socks= $2.50

1 set of (3 pair of earrings)=$2.00

All came to $87.00 (and that was with the tax)
My receipt came to $165.93 ~BUT after the 50% off coupon I saved $83.00!
So, I got all of the above for $87.94 in 25 minutes!
The ladies in the store were impressed to see a pregnant girl shop that fast!
Check out the Payless near you to save 50% if you read this post before 9PM on Friday, 10/30!
Thanks Payless and Oprah for making a pregnant mommy very happy!

Happy Shoe Girl,
Jenn :)

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Christy said...

those are some cute ballet flats! I don't usually fit in those at all but they didn't have any of them in my store anyway.